Black female-owned company comments on firing of defiant white TikTok influencer over ‘n-word’

A white woman has lost her job after innocently using the abbreviated version of the n-word in a TikTok video.

Lilly Gaddis, a TikTok influencer formerly with a day job, was speaking in a since-deleted TikTok video about how all her friends’ husbands are broke when she used the abbreviated n-word.

“Certain guys think all girls are gold diggers,” she began in the clip. “I don’t know if you get your information from street interviews from Miami at 3am outside of a nightclub. You are getting the opinion from some dumb wh–es and immigrants fresh off the boat looking for a green card. Yes, they are probably gold diggers but that is the exception – I am the rule.”

“Everybody I know who’s married right now — they’re married to broke-ass ni–as,” she added in the now-viral clip.

The clip prompted a massive backlash, with racial grievance mongers acting as if she’d just lynched a black man.

In response, Gaddis published another video to TikTok — that she’s since ported to X — basically saying she doesn’t give a damn.


“So a recent video of mine seems to have upset members of a certain community. And all the backlash just really made me do a deep dive, like a soul search. And after all that, I still couldn’t find a care,” she said.

The latter portion of the video contained a clip of the late Breitbart founder Andrew Breitbart saying, “You’re going to call us racist, you’re going to call us potential  Timothy McVeighs. F–k you. War!”

The video ended with a written quote from Larry Flynt: “If the First Amendment is intended to protect anything, it’s intended to protect offensive speech. If you’re not going to offend anyone, you don’t need protection.”

This refusal to bend the knee prompted even more backlash, with racial grievance mongers and other left-wing shills running to her now-former employer, Rophe, demanding she be fired.

Rophe, a North Carolina company that offers assistance to the elderly, immediately and swiftly bent the knee.


“We at Rophe of the Carolinas want to address a recent incident that has caused concern and upset among our stakeholders,” the company said in a statement. “A newly hired employee made inflammatory remarks on social media that do not align with the values and beliefs of our company. We want to make it clear that these sentiments are not representative of our organization, and we do not condone or support such behavior.”

“As soon as we were made aware of the situation, we took immediate action to pull the employee from her assignment which is not directly with any client of ours, and the employee in question is no longer with our company,” they added.

Hilariously, Rophe is the one now facing growing backlash.


Gaddis has also lost her TikTok account — and again, just because she innocently used the abbreviated version of the n-word.

The good news is she already appears to be bouncing back. Indeed, just this week she completed an interview with InfoWars.

She’s also now looking for a sponsor.

Keep in mind that the first organization that she listed, the American First Political Action Committee, is linked to white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

Meanwhile, Gaddis has doubled and tripled down on her rhetoric.


Vivek Saxena


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