Blue city migrant advocates say ONLY six months of freebies is a ‘ slap in the face’

A generous new program in Denver that would provide illegal aliens with six months of free housing and other freebies is being slammed by migrant advocates.

The deep blue city has been a prime destination for the mostly unskilled and impoverished foreigners who have been pouring over the border since President Joe Biden was sworn in, draining resources from essential services for residents and creating severe budgetary problems.

Democrat Mayor Mike Johnston just announced a new $45.9 million package to provide a “long-term, sustainable response to the newcomer crisis that avoids significant cuts to public services” that includes up to a half year of free housing as well as food and job training under his new Denver Asylum Seekers Program for one thousand illegals currently in the city’s shelter system.

“After more than a year of facing this crisis together, Denver finally has a sustainable plan for treating our newcomers with dignity while avoiding the worst cuts to city services,” Johnston said in a statement about his plan which according to Newsweek would cut $8.4 million from the police budget and another $2.5 million from the fire department.

“Until now, migrants were allowed to stay in shelters between two and six weeks, but the new rules dictate that migrants arriving in the city after April 10 must vacate after 24-72 hours, after which they will be “provided a short-term stay at a congregate site along with assistance securing onward travel to another destination,” the New York Post reported.

But one migrant housing advocacy group blasted the program as being insulting to “newcomers” to the Mile High City for changes to the time allowed to be spent in shelters despite the additional benefits under Johnston’s plan.

“Every new migrant that comes is going to be left to fend for themselves after 24 to 72 hours,” V. Reeves of Housekeys Action Network Denver (HAND) told local news outlet KMGH-7.

Reeves also said that the program was “a slap in the face and an offensive period of time.”

HAND is a far-left group that espouses classic communistic values such as the idea that housing is built for the rich.

“While housing is built for the rich, we live in the shadows cast by housing we can never afford. Yet we are here – poor and houseless – fighting for housing for all. Housing should be a human right for all, not a commodity for the rich. We will not sit back and wait in endless lines and lotteries silently hoping for change. We are here to demand, to develop, to build the housing every human being deserves,” the group states on its website.

One migrant who spoke to the outlet was also critical of the new plan.

“I think that it’s insufficient,” said Willy Bastidas who helped to organize a protest against the plan, complaining that it’s currently only available to a limited number of people.

Mayor Johnston said that the city will spend $90 million in taxpayer money on the “new arrivals” this year and has called Denver a “welcoming, compassionate city” with more than 40,000 illegal aliens having made their way to the Dem-controlled city at the foot of the Rocky Mountains since December 2022, the New York Post reported, costing around $68 million.

Chris Donaldson


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