BS ALERT: It’s only your DNA!

Apparently – a column published this past Monday by Forbes was roasted so much by The Blaze, somebody saw fit to change the headline.

According to the Blaze – the column sought to take “anti-vaxxers” to task for claiming Covid-19 vaccinations, are capable of altering the DNA of those who receive them.  The original column headline read: “Yes, The Vaccine Changes Your DNA. A Tiny Bit. That’s A Good Thing.”

Well. Sometime after this column was published and attention drawn to the content – the headline was “changed.” A Tiny Bit.

The new headline is “Covid Vaccines Don’t Alter your DNA – They Help Choose Cells to Strengthen Your Immune Response.”

The Blaze – now accused Forbes of “stealth” editing the article.

My friends – other than to alert you to this – I’m out. Vax – Not Vax – it’s up to you. No BS. It’s only your DNA – and your health.  Good luck with that – it’s called Freedom of Choice.

Bo Snerdley
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