Brawling teens? Ten-foot ‘creatures’? What the heck really went down at a Miami mall?

We’re less than a week into 2024, and, already, you can cross “Alien creatures involved in mall shootout” off your Bingo card.

When brawling teenagers armed with fireworks and sticks were blamed for an enormous police response at the Bayside Marketplace, an open-air shopping mall in downtown Miami, on Monday night, social media sleuths quickly put their spin on the story.

TikTok influencer “Auntie Coolette” broke the “news” to her nearly 53 million followers.

Along with what Auntie estimated was “probably a hundred” police cars (it was, according to Newsweek, “more than 60 police cars”), “black choppers from the PD” patrolled the scene from above.

According to eyewitnesses, Auntie said, “the Miami police was not dispatched there for a juvenile fight, and the obvious need for such an enormous police presence was far more sinister than what we’ve been told.”

“Multiple witnesses claimed to have seen — I can’t believe I’m gonna say this — creatures that stood eight to ten feet tall walking outside and even inside the mall,” Auntie reported.

The police presence, she continued, “had nothing to do with the juvenile fight. According to these witnesses, it was actually the mall-goers shooting to protect themselves from these eight- to ten-foot-tall creatures in self-defense.”

Over on X, one user posted a now-viral video, saying, “I zoomed in on one of the tiktok videos about the Miami mall creature, so you can see the gray creature walking in between these police cars and the building.”

“10ft Aliens/Creatures (caught on camera?) fired at inside and outside Miami Mall, media silent, cops are covering it up saying kids were fighting with fireworks, yet all these cop cars, & air traffic stopped that night except for black military choppers…and no media coverage,” stated another user, who added, “Spot the walking figure in the video. What do you think?”

Reports on X stated that flights out of Miami International were halted.

“Only one PD helicopter patrolling the area,” said one user.

“The absolute lack of this story anywhere is absolutely driving me mad,” Auntie said. “On my Google search, I found nothing.”

NBC Miami did report on the “large group of unruly juveniles who were fighting at Bayside Marketplace.”

Citing the Miami Police arrest report, the outlet says “the teens were allegedly lighting loud fireworks, causing panic among patrons in the mall while disrupting and damaging businesses.”

“A resident mistook the chaos as gunshots and reported an active shooter, the president of Downtown Neighbors Alliance, James Torres, said in a statement,” NBC Miami reported.

“Some officers were heavily armed and approached the crowd displaying high-powered rifles, reflecting the fact that officers were initially erroneously told the situation involved an active shooter,” Torres said.

“Citywide officers were on scene for crowd control due to the juveniles refusing to leave,” Miami Police said. “Some businesses were temporarily closed to allow us to clear the area.”

Police “observed 10 to 15 juveniles actively assaulting a man in the area of Southeast 3rd Avenue and Southeast 2nd Street, the arrest report said. After police announced through a marked police vehicle to stop fighting and disperse, several teens fled the scene,” NBC Miami reported. “According to the arrest report, police were able to catch and detain four males – two 15-year-old boys, one 14-year-old and one 16-year-old – who were positively identified by the alleged victim.”

Melissa Fine


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