‘Bring it on! Really?’ Hannity dares Hillary sue Fox News for ‘malice,’ laughs at her threats

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If there’s one thing you can count on from Hillary Clinton when her back is up against a wall it’s that at some point she will start railing about a right wing conspiracy out to get her.

The failed 2016 presidential nominee spoke Thursday at the New York Democratic Convention on Thursday and responded indirectly to the bombshell court filing from Special Counsel John Durham that says her campaign hired a tech executive to spy on Donald Trump as a candidate and on the Executive Office of the President after he was elected to office by attacking Fox News as one of the few networks to devote any real time reporting on the story, threatening that the network was “getting awfully close to actual malice.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity responded to that shot across the bow with three words: “Bring it on.”

With the walls closing in amid reports that there’s more to come from Durham, Clinton went on the offensive Thursday at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel attacking the Republican Party for allegedly “defending coup plotters” and “curbing voting rights.”

“When the Republican Party officially embraces violent insurrection as legitimate political discourse. When storming the Capitol, assaulting police officers, trying to overturn an election, are being normalized, we are in uncharted territory,” she said.

“We can’t get distracted. Whether it’s by the latest culture war nonsense or some new right-wing lie on Fox or Facebook,” Clinton said, before adding, “By the way, they’ve been coming after me again lately, in case you might have noticed. It’s funny, the more trouble Trump gets into, the wilder the charges and conspiracy theories about me seem to get.”

(A Manhattan judge ruled Thursday that Trump and his children Ivanka and Don Jr. would have to testify as part of New York State Attorney Letitia James’ witch hunt investigation into the Trump Organization’s business dealings.)

“So now, his accountants have fired him and investigations draw closer to him, and right on cue the noise machine gets turned up doesn’t it? Fox leads the charge with accusations against me, counting on their audience to fall for it again. And as an aside, they’re getting awfully close to actual malice in their attacks,” she continued.

Hannity addressed the remark on his program after running a clip of Clinton’s speech — “actual malice” is a legal standard a public figure must show in a libel lawsuit.

“Welcome back, Hillary. Welcome to the world stage once again,” Hannity said. “That was New York City, not exactly conservative territory. She was there delivering the keynote address at New York’s Democratic state convention and it’s interesting because that’s where Hillary had a few choice words for this news channel. And, by the way, her old pal who beat her, Donald Trump. ”

“It’s called discovery and it’s called depositions,” he said of the malice claim. “Bring it on. Malice? Really? It’s called news. Hillary, we invite you to bring it on. It’s from a legal filing we quoted exactly from the filing that was put in federal court.”

After noting that Clinton ignored a Fox News reporter’s questions on the Durham report, Hannity pivoted to give an update on Clinton’s former campaign attorney who is at the center of the spying accusation.

“While Hillary arrogantly gloats, dodges questions, her former campaign attorney who is charged with lying to the FBI and was a subject of the latest Durham filing is fighting for his life in court,” he said. “In a six-page response we told you about last night filed by Michael Sussmann’s attorneys, his legal team is claiming these allegations ‘are irrelevant to the charged offense and are plainly intended to politicize this case in plain media coverage and taint the jury pool.’

“Today Sussmann’s attorneys, they asked for the entire case to be thrown out. That’s not likely to happen. But in a new rebuttal from John Durham, the special counsel, he writes that Sussmann’s claims are ‘simply not true.’ That the government including two paragraphs of limited additional factual detail in its motion for valid and straightforward reasons,” Hannity concluded. “Now, of course, Hillary Clinton is more than happy to let Sussmann wither on the vine, after all, Hillary is only ever concerned about Hillary. And according to Hillary, if anything bad happens it’s never ever ever her fault. It can’t be her fault ever. Or Bill’s fault.”

Tom Tillison


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