‘Brutal’: Letitia James drowned out by pro-Trump chants and boos

If New York’s now-infamous attorney general thought she would get a unanimously warm welcome from attendees at a local firefighters event, she thought wrong.

Letitia James has made no secret of her absolute disdain for former President Donald Trump. Her mission to tie him up in court, bankrupt, humiliate and intimidate him has thus far failed on nearly every metric. At least so far.

Trump’s approval has only risen since numerous lawsuits and allegations have been launched against him. Even the fearless leader’s mugshot has become a popular symbol of martyrdom and for some, courage.

So, it’s not far-fetched to assume that James was quietly seething when she was met with defiant chants of ‘Trump’ during an appearance at a promotional event on Thursday.

James was drowned out as she attempted to continue under the sound of numerous boos.

The short clip spread quickly on X where Trump supporters chimed in with their thoughts:

In other words… be careful what you wish for!

Apparently, so!


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