Bud Light puts Dylan Mulvaney in rear-view mirror, drops testosterone-dripping ad with 2 NFL legends

Bud Light has released a new ad featuring NFL legends Peyton Manning and Emmitt Smith, but critics aren’t impressed.

Released on Friday via the social media platform X, the ad shows Manning buying Bud Light beer for everyone at a bar and then handing them out one by one by either  literally handing them to the customers or passing them out like a football.

Toward the end of the ad, Manning tosses one beer to a customer near the back of the bar, and the customer catches it as if he’s scoring a touchdown.

Smith then appears standing over the customer to celebrate the ostensible touchdown.


The problem, critics say, is that Bud Light has yet to apologize for the Dylan Mulvaney controversy.

As previously reported, the controversy at Bud Light erupted in the spring after the brand decided to pursue a business partnership with Mulvaney, a biological male who purports to be a “transgender woman.”

The brand specifically produced a special can featuring Mulvaney’s face. Also, the transgender influencer uploaded the following Instagram post advertising the beer:


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The backlash was swift.

“In the two days since Mulvaney’s post about Bud Light, which is owned by Anheuser-Busch, countless videos have been shared online showing consumers dumping their Bud Light products in trash bins and down sinks — and even violently destroying cans of the beer,” NBC News reported at the time.

To make matters worse, Bud Light then lied about it by claiming it never had a business partnership with Mulvaney. This was recently proven false:

This assortment of facts has Bud Light’s critics convinced the company has learned nothing and therefore deserves further boycotting.

“Either apologize for pushing a demonic ideology or no one cares,” one critic tweeted in response to the company’s ad.

“It’s amazing that the elites running AN still think that throwing money at a problem will win back their customers. An apology that costs nothing would’ve done far more…,” another added.

AN is short for Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light’s parent company.

See more criticism below:

As for Manning and Smith, they view things differently.

Speaking with Fox Business Network, Smith had nothing but praise for Bud Light’s attempted rebound.

“It’s an iconic brand, and it’s been around sports for a long time. Every brand itself goes through iterations of highs and lows. Even the Dallas Cowboys are going through iterations of highs and lows, and it’s been a low for a long period of time because we haven’t been to the NFC Championship Game, etc., etc.,” he said.

“So, in this case, I think with what Bud Light is doing to engage with fans is wonderful. They’re providing them with the opportunity to do something very special, very unique. They give them a different level of experience, utilizing Peyton Manning and myself, and I think that is unique in itself because we understand the game and we played in the big game ourselves, and we can relate to some of the things that the fans will experience,” he added.

Smith also touted the fun time he had filming the ad.

“We have a good time in the bar and having great fun and great laughs and enjoying that fan experience,” he said.

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