‘Call of Duty’ video game is offering Pride-themed gun camos and not everyone is happy

The ‘Call of Duty’ video game franchise has decided to celebrate “Pride Month” and people want answers.

Activision is known for its “Pride Month” offerings within its video games, and the realistic war game “Call of Duty” is no exception. This year, they are offering seven free skins representing different LGBT flags, including a curious ammo skin that caught attention pretty quickly.

The ammo skin in question, which can be seen when using the inspect weapon function, utilizes the colors of the transgender pride flag. This little detail garnered attention from those who believe it is in bad taste, pointing to transgender school shooter Audrey Hale.

Worse than simply being tone-deaf, Activision is potentially opening itself up to a lawsuit.

Social media users were quick to weigh in:

Sierra Marlee


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