Campos-Duffy slams Biden for ‘systemic racism’ against white working-class Americans who voted for Trump

Rachel Campos-Duffy sat down with fellow Fox News host Jesse Watters on Friday and let loose on President Biden, accusing him of “systemic racism and classism” against working-class white people who voted for former President Trump which she claims is evident when looking at the Ohio train derailment.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

And she was just getting warmed up in a wild tirade against the president, his administration, and leftists in general.

“There is. There is systemic racism and classism, and it’s against white working-class Americans who voted for Trump when living in Trump country. And we’re seeing it glaring us in the face right now,” Campos-Duffy angrily told Watters in the interview.

“I mean, think about this. I mean, this is, and it’s not just Joe Biden who, you know, should have been there, of course. And Pete Buttigieg, who looked like, you know, a grumpy Bob the Builder, he didn’t want to be there at all,” she continued.

“But there’s other people that weren’t there and that were also discriminating, discriminating against this community. Think about the environmental activists and corporate America. They weren’t there. I mean, this with the activists. This is an Erin Brockovich moment. I mean, there was a blockbuster Oscar-winning movie written about something like this,” the Fox News host contended.

Watters would go on to point out that Brockovich was actually in East Palestine currently, but Campos-Duffy wanted to know why the big-name activists hadn’t shown up. She wanted to know where all the leftists were that usually show up proclaiming outrage over every slight.

“Erin Brockovich is actually in East Palestine tonight. Right now,” Watters informed her.

“She is. She is. But where’s Julia Roberts, an environmental activist? Where’s George Clooney? Where’s Leonardo DiCaprio? Where are, you know, the annoying Duchess and Prince of Montecito? Where’s Greta Thunberg screaming ‘How dare you?'” Campos-Duffy demanded. “None of these people have shown up.”

“And corporate America, who normally you know, when there’s a disaster, a hurricane, a tornado or the war in Ukraine, they all get together because American corporations have always been philanthropic, but they know it’s good for business to show why they’re there. They’re not there either. Where’s Airbnb offering free lodging? Where is American beverage companies? Goya is there… Goya Foods is there and Trump’s water is there. But who else?” she asked.

“This is classism. This is racism. And this is political retaliation for those people who are living there. And, by the way, those corporations, Jesse. Many of them maybe want to help, but they know that this administration is highly vindictive and they could sic the EPA or the FBI, or the IRS on them. And so they’re holding back because this administration has signaled to the country, nothing’s happening here. We don’t care. Don’t show up,” Campos-Duffy charged.

Watters was in full agreement on that point.

“Yeah, it’ll embarrass the administration if corporate America, comes in and helps this town. You’re right about that,” he remarked.

President Biden has yet to visit the toxic derailment site and he is being thrashed for it by conservatives when he’s not stumbling over his own answer to the question of why he hasn’t bothered to go to East Palestine.

Biden was asked by reporters if he was “planning to travel to East Palestine, Ohio,” on Friday in Washington, D.C. as he was departing for his Wilmington, Delaware home.

“At this point, I’m not,” Biden answered. “I did a whole video, I mean, um, what the hell, on…”

And then he had another senior moment.

“Zoom?” the reporter suggested.

“Zoom!” Biden exclaimed. “All I can think of every time I think of Zoom is that song in my generation, ‘Who’s Zoomin’ Who?’”

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