Canada’s Rebel News editor-in-chief has ‘dire warning’ for America over rapid push for assisted suicide

As Canada continues to expand its assisted suicide program, Rebel News Editor-in-Chief Sheila Gunn Reid is warning Americans that the same trend has already begun in the United States and it leads down a very dark and evil path to euthanasia via many forms of pressure.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Fox News host Laura Ingraham played the deeply disturbing and highly manipulative “La Maison Simons’ Dystopian Euthanasia Commercial: (All is Beauty)” video. In it is seen a woman who is awaiting death via assisted suicide. The video attempts to make it look like a beautiful and noble endeavor.

“Two weeks ago we showed you that ad. It’s pro-euthanasia, produced by a Canadian fashion and home goods retailer. They reportedly stage excursions for this young woman before her death as a brand-building exercise. Well, since then, we learned from her friends that she actually wanted to live. But the glorification of death in Canada has gotten so pervasive that she gave into the external pressures,” Ingraham sadly recounted.

“You would think that would slow this push down in Canada, but to the contrary. Canada has said that they want to expand their push for assisted suicide. Starting in March, people whose sole underlying condition is mental illness will be able to access what they call assisted death,” she continued and then introduced Sheila Gunn Reid from Rebel News.

Gunn Reid is fighting the assisted suicide movement in Canada and is warning her American friends they should do the same.

“It is true Laura that Canada is blowing right past Scandinavia in our quest to hit the bottom of the slippery slope faster than everybody else. You know, we’ve heard this mantra before. They told us this about abortion. That medical-assisted dying would be safe, rare, and only in the most dire of circumstances. But, as with abortion, we know that’s not true,” she asserted.

“Right now we know at least 10,000 people per year in Canada are receiving medical assistance in dying. It’s right up there with our COVID death numbers. But we can’t really know for sure because there are some medical associations that are advising doctors to not record medical assistance in dying as the reason for the death. But rather record the reason that they sought medical assistance in dying,” Gunn Reid added.

She then addressed the immediacy of assisted suicide.

“This is really though just the next step in our descent into darkness because we’ve also removed the 10-day wait time from when you ask for medical assistance in dying and when you receive it. So, it can happen on the very same day and this is especially challenging for people who are experiencing mental illness because those feelings can sort of ebb and flow and somebody experiencing acute PTSD might ask for and receive medical assistance in dying,” she explained.

Ingraham pointed out that it’s almost as if they want to get rid of anyone who has a mental illness. She called it “sickening.”

Then she turned to an elderly disabled man who sought medically-assisted suicide because he feared homelessness. It was evidently approved.

Gunn Reid listed others that would also be considered for euthanasia, “Diabetics with eating disorders, veterans with PTSD episodes, or veterans wanting wheelchair ramps for their homes. There are at least four veterans’ affairs caseworkers who have advised up to nine, that we know of, veterans to take their own lives instead of continuing to annoy these veterans’ affairs caseworkers who are paid handsomely to help our veterans.”

“There was even a 91-year-old lady in Vancouver who opted for medical homicide because she feared going back into yet another COVID lockdown in her nursing home. But frankly, Laura, what we’re seeing here should be a dire warning to our American friends because this is end-state socialized medicine. This is pushed by people who think it helps the poor or the vulnerable, but the only equitable thing about this is equitable agony for the users of our system,” the editor stated.

She went on to say that it takes 180 days just to get knee surgery under Canada’s healthcare system. But you can get medically-assisted suicide on the same day you request it.

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