Candace Owens responds to Ben Shapiro in sit-down with Tucker

A very public feud has broken out between the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens after a clip surfaced of Shapiro condemning Owens as “absolutely disgraceful,” presumably over her views on Israel’s response in Gaza to the Hamas attack on October 7.

According to Shapiro, Owens presents her views with “faux sophistication.”

“I’m not going to respond with the same ad hominem attacks,” Owens told Tucker Carlson in a lengthy sit-down. “I don’t think it helps further discussion, and if that was me that was caught on a video saying that about colleagues that I work with, I would be embarrassed.”

“I think that the video speaks more to Ben’s character than it speaks to mine,” she added.

There are many issues she and Shapiro have disagreed on, Owens said.

“Ben and I have many disagreements, so I don’t think that that’s particularly something that’s interesting,” she explained. “We disagreed on the COVID vaccine. We disagree on Ukraine and Russia. He has taken, virtually every stance has been the opposite of mine on every issue over the last five years.”

“He was pro the COVID vaccine, I was anti-vaccine. You know, we were all idiots for not getting the vaccine. So that’s totally fine,” she continued. “I am totally open to people having a difference in opinion. I would hope that amongst colleagues that it would always be civil disagreement, and I would never in a private event stand on a table and talk badly about Ben.”

The disagreement quickly escalated on X after Owens posted a quote from the Bible: “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.”

“No one can serve two masters,” the post continued. “Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

“Candace, if you feel that taking money from The Daily Wire somehow comes between you and God, by all means quit,” Shapiro shot back.

For Owens, that was a step too far.

“You have been acting unprofessional and emotionally unhinged for weeks now. And we have all had to sit back and allow it and have all tried to exercise exceeding understanding for your raw emotion,” she replied. “But you cross a certain line when you come for scripture and read yourself into it. I will not tolerate it.”

Speaking to Carlson, Owens stressed that Shapiro is “not the CEO of the Daily Wire.”

“He is not making the daily decisions of the Daily Wire,” she said. “I do want to make it very clear, because people are like, ‘How could you possibly stay at the Daily Wire after this?'”

“I have a very good relationship with the co-CEOs,” she said. “Especially right now, the acting CEO is Caleb Robinson. He’s a wonderful person. He’s worked very hard to be where he’s at. We have a lot in common that we connect on, and people don’t get to see that, which is unfortunate.”

Shapiro, she noted, lives in Florida, unlike the rest of the Daily Wire hosts.

“He’s not part of the day-to-day movements of the Daily Wire,” she said. “The rest of the hosts have their shows situation in Nashville, so we see each other every day. We talk. There’s great camaraderie, and there’s actually more agreement. There’s actually a lot of people that are, as I described myself, just pro-America first, and I think I’ve been that way consistently throughout my political career”

“Whether people agree with it or not in different moments is up for debate,” she added.

The clip of Shapiro shouldn’t be seen as “a reflection” of how the Daily Wire works and operates, Owens said.

“I have had a very good experience with the CEOs, and you know, I love Michael Knowles, love Matt Walsh, Andrew Klavan we all get along really great,” she said.

Back on X, however, people are definitely taking sides.

“I have to give Owens credit for remaining above the petty tit-for-tat attacks,” wrote political influencer Brian Krassenstein. “I disagree with her on many issues, but she showed character here.”

“Every time I hear @RealCandaceO speak, I gain a ton of respect for her,” wrote another user. “Even though Ben Shapiro is having one of his tantrums, she’s taking the high road and refusing to kick him while he’s down. Class, sis… pure class.”

“Love her… and really feeling bad for Shapiro as this is so personal for him right now,” stated a third. “Totally empathize on both ends. Candace is truly a class act.”

Others, however, voiced their continued support for Shapiro.

“A) everyone knows Ben was talking about Israel-Palestine, and he’s right; B) he was wrong about the vax, but Tucker and Candace both failed to grill or criticize Trump about it; C) Ben has been pretty middle-groundish on Ukraine and asked for a clear stated objective,” one user wrote. “This exchange between CO and TC is kind of embarrassing.”


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