Carville says media ‘can’t help but make fools of themselves’ over Biden docs

Democratic strategist James Carville appeared on “The ReidOut” Monday and blasted the mainstream media for “making fools out of themselves” in their coverage of President Biden’s mishandling of classified material.

(Video Credit: MSNBC)

Carville was a guest of MSNBC host Joy Reid and was brought on to discuss the investigation into classified documents that were discovered at Biden’s old office at a think tank in Washington, D.C. as well as his Delaware residence.

Reid tore into the media for daring to compare Biden’s document scandal with former President Trump’s.

“The U.S. media may be unable to help themselves for clamoring for a chance to ‘both sides’ these presidents, which you really can’t compare these two cases without considering the plot to overturn the election,” Reid said, ridiculously attempting to tie the issue to January 6.

“Right now there are some stories talking about the annoyance of the president at some sloppiness of aides that did this, and annoyance of Democrats at the White House because this is happening at all,” she commented.

Reid also remarked that she feared that making too much of the Biden classified materials incidents could make some at the Justice Department hesitate to prosecute Trump.

Carville, of course, agreed wholeheartedly and then invoked the Clinton scandals

“First of all, I want to congratulate you for pointing out the national press can’t help but make fools of themselves. It happened in Whitewater. It happened in the [Hillary Clinton] email scandal. And it’s happening now,” Carville asserted.

“I can’t stop these people. It’s not my anointed job to stop the national press from making fools of themselves. The White House response should be this and only this: ‘The president is cooperating fully with the special counsel. He expects everyone in his administration to do the same.’ End of story. No carve-outs, no ‘it was in this box or that box,'” he shrilly contended.

“We’re thoroughly doing this. The special counsel has an investigation to run. President Biden has a country to run. Get on with it. You’re not going to stop these people from making fools of themselves. I promise you. You can try, I congratulate you, but I got more experience in this than most people. It’s not going to work. No, no, no,” Carville adamantly stated.

Carville would go on to insist later in the segment that Hillary Clinton’s emails did not contain any classified information. That directly contradicts a 2018 IG report that found 193 classified emails were found on her private server.

“I go back to what you said. It’s going to come out just this way. All of the emails and ‘The New York Times’ going nuts and the whole press, there was not one single classified thing on Secretary Clinton’s email, zero, none. You have to understand that,” Carville said.

“Democrats just need to say, ‘We’ll cooperate fully,’ and look, everybody has a right to the Fifth Amendment. You don’t have the right to work in this administration and take the Fifth Amendment. We want to get this thing done. We want to help this guy here because we know at the end of the day, there’s nothing here,” he concluded.

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