Cavuto says GOP looks like ‘Keystone Cops’, tells Chip Roy ‘Republicans are not leading’

Fox News’s Neil Cavuto tore into Republican lawmakers, telling Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) on Friday’s “Your World” that they “are not leading.”

“Republicans are not leading,” Cavuto stated. “And no offense to you, sir. I mean, you guys look like the Keystone Cops.”

(Video: Fox News)

“You can’t agree on anything,” the host said. “And there’s — now everyone wants the speaker’s head.”

“I don’t know where you stand on that,” Cavuto continued, “but to add insult to injury, then, the president comes out to say, on the border, he’s got some ideas ahead of the State of the Union address where he might take executive actions, executive orders, maybe undoing some of the ones that he signed the day he became president.”

The situation is “confusing,” he said, suggesting that President Joe Biden is winning the PR war.

“Now, some of your colleagues are going after him and say, you can’t do that, even though they said you have the power to do this,” Cavuto said. “So he is going to do this. It’s confusing because he said he wasn’t going to do it. I’m just wondering, is he getting the better of you on the PR front? Not that should matter, but it seems to matter.”

Roy reminded Cavuto that it’s an election year.

“Well, of course, he’s going to head into election season and try to constrain the numbers,” the Texan shot back. “But it’s all going to be a fiction. What he will do is move numbers through the One app and through the abuse of parole authority at the ports of entry.”

“He will come in with orders,” Roy predicted. “He will move the numbers around so there are not big groups of people sitting down in Eagle Pass or Del Rio or drop the numbers down in California, but keep running people through the ports of entry.”

Roy noted that “only 891” of the 330,000 illegal Venezuelan migrants who have been apprehended “have actually been returned.”

“This is purposeful,” he said. “Biden is doing it on purpose. Now he’s going to try to message against it.”

“Republicans have to hold the line,” Roy stated. “The only way to do that is to keep shining the light on the problem and demand we secure the border with the policy changes that need to be adopted. We need to know what they are and force his hand.”

“We’re winning the message,” the lawmaker insisted. “The people overwhelmingly blame Biden for the border. The polls show that.”

On X, users called out Cavuto’s blatant bias.

“It’s still obvious you’re a Biden lover,” one user told the host. “When ever have you fact checked Biden.”

“Apparently you don’t subscribe to the Fair and Balanced mantra because it certainly appears you have disdain for Trump,” said another. “It looks personal.”

“Cavuto,” wrote a third. “Your reporting is the equivalent to a skid mark in a truckers underwear after eating Taco Bell and driving for 24 hours straight.”

Yet another user kept it simple.

Melissa Fine


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