Charlamagne tha God dishes to MK about being bullied on ‘The View’ to back Biden: ‘Strangest thing ever’

Charlamagne tha God appeared on Megyn Kelly’s SiriusXM podcast the day after sitting down with the liberal harpies on The View, and was asked about his reluctance to openly endorse President Joe Biden — other than the obvious reason that it ensures he remains relevant in the presidential election and that he may even bag a carefully scripted Biden interview.

To his credit, Charlamagne, aka Lenard Larry McKelvey, took issue with the current two-party system, but in large part because he was not happy with the choices arguing that Democrats and Republicans need to “run better candidates.”

“I saw you on The View yesterday where they were trying to zero in on you and Biden and this presidential race, and those ladies really, really, really wanted you to say that you endorsed him,” Kelly said. “But eventually you admitted, okay, it’s kind of a binary choice here. I mean it’s basically a binary choice and that you’re not going to vote for Trump. So why wouldn’t you just be explicit
about it?”

“Simply because, you know, I’m not a fan,” he said of publicly backing Biden.

“People think that me not wanting to endorse means that I’m not voting, which I think is the strangest thing ever,” Charlamagne added. “There was another moment in that conversation where I just said, ‘Hey, there’s third-party candidates.’ Whoopi [Goldberg] told me she’ll beat my behind if I bring up, you know, third-party candidates, so I just think it’s kind of strange where we are as a culture and as a society where it’s almost like there’s either one of two extremes.”

“And if you’re a person who just simply chooses to be objective, simply chooses to look at both candidates and say, ‘Hey, I think there’s some right things here, there’s some wrong things there, there’s some good things here, there’s some good things over here,’ like just me being able to explore both options or all options that are out there, for some reason it bothers people and I don’t understand why,” he continued.

Kelly spoke of how emphatic — see bullying — the ladies on The View were in trying to get Charlamagne on the Team Biden bus.

“They were really pressing you. They were like, ‘Do Biden a solid!’ They wanted you to go to your audience and say, ‘Vote for Biden,’ and it was very strange. Like, you know, you’ve got some magic wand that’s going to turn this thing.”

“Exactly,” her guest replied.

“I don’t think the two-party system has been the best thing for us here in America,” Charlamagne added. “If these parties want people to be more energized about their candidates, maybe they should run better candidates. I don’t think it’s rocket science.”

He would later joke, “I didn’t know I would be Captain Save-a-Joe in an election.”

Tom Tillison


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