Charlamagne tha God rips leftist media over ‘blatant’ hypocrisy in Biden doc coverage

Even urban radio show host Charlamagne tha God sees the writing clearly on the wall.

During a discussion this week on his podcast, Charlamagne slammed the establishment media for the glaring, indisputable bias they’ve displayed over President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents versus former President Donald Trump’s mishandling of classified documents.


“Well, here’s the thing, and I’m not copping pleas for Trump, because it’s not about Trump. It’s just about consistency. When it happened to Trump, it was all about the documents. It was, ‘We don’t know what’s on them. It could be nuclear codes, it could be personal information that he’s selling to foreign governments,’” he said.

“That’s what the media was saying. Now, with Biden, it’s, ‘Oh, well it’s not really about the documents. Classified documents slip up and leak all the time. Now it’s about the obstruction that Trump did.’ Like, ‘No, that’s not what y’all said when it was Trump,'” he added.

This prompted his co-host, Andrew Schulz, to ask, “Are you finding out that the media’s not fair?”

“No, I know the media’s not fair. I’ve always known that, you know what I mean? But it’s just the principle, like, let’s at least try to have some consistency. Let’s not make the hypocrisy be so, so blatant,” Charlamagne replied.

Unfortunately, many members of the media are so blind to their otherwise obvious bias that the hypocrisy of it all flies right over their heads.

For example, CNN ran a segment this week on how commonplace it allegedly is for those who work for the government in some capacity or another to misplace classified documents.

Speaking on “CNN This Morning,” CNN’s Katie Bo Lillis specifically claimed that the “spillage” of classified documents “happens almost literally every day.”


“This kind of classified spillage happens almost literally every day. And most of the time, it’s completely accidental — an employee accidentally takes home a classified document in a briefcase,” Lillis said.

“In one example that we were told, the employee found a classified document that had been accidentally attached to an unclassified travel itinerary. He slept with it under his pillow for a night, returned it the next day. And that was that,” she added.

She continued by making excuses for those who’ve misplaced classified documents.

“Part of the reason this is so common is simply the law of large numbers. There are over 4 million security clearance holders floating around out there. And some national security officials will also acknowledge that the U.S. government has a pretty big problem with overclassification. There are just millions and millions and millions of pieces of classified information, not all of which are exquisite,” she said.

Note that CNN never ran such a segment after Trump’s own classified documents scandal erupted.

For another example, just turn to MSNBC, where earlier this week Jonathan Capehart claimed that Biden’s classified documents scandal is nothing like Trump’s scandal.

“This is apples and basketballs. I mean these two — those two objects are spherical in nature and that is all they have in common. And I think we need to, I no politics doesn’t do nuance and most people do not do nuance, but we have to do nuance in this case,” he said.

“This happens more frequently than we realize or we even want to appreciate. Plenty of national security lawyers and experts have gone on the record to say that this happens more often than not,” he added.

Yet according to NewsBusters, back on Aug. 12th, right after the Trump scandal erupted, he had a totally different mindset about things.

“I cannot express how serious the situation is that the country finds itself in right now,” he reportedly said at the time.


What changed? Apparently, “nuance” only matters sometimes.

The final example comes from ABC and CBS, both of which reportedly “moved on” from the Biden classified documents story this past week.

“ABC’s World News Tonight joined both CBS Mornings & CBS Evening News in moving on Wednesday by providing zero coverage of the latest developments,” NewsBusters, a conservative watchdog group, reported.

“Instead, ABC decided to spend a segment huffing over Republican members of Congress they don’t like such as Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene or Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar getting appointed to congressional committees, while CBS’s Norah O’Donnell drooled over the ‘historic’ newly sworn-in radical leftist Governor of Maryland Wes Moore.”

That said, to its credit, “NBC Nightly News” did at least cover the latest news in the scandal.

“White House correspondent Peter Alexander gave the audience details on the news on why the Biden ‘Justice Department decided against having FBI agents monitor the search for classified documents by President Biden’s lawyers at his Delaware home,'” according to NewsBusters.


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