Chicago council member called America a ‘garbage society’, complained punishing criminals is ‘racist’

An alderwoman on Chicago’s city council has called America a “garbage society” and believes it is “racist” to hold criminals accountable for their crimes.

Rossana Rodriguez advocates for defunding police and wants children to be taught critical race theory as she takes part in the council’s Education and Child Development committee. The council member rails against society on her social media accounts and has denounced America as “a White supremacist society and system” that “favors White people.”

A member of the Chicago Democratic Socialist Caucus and the council’s Progressive Reform Caucus, Rodriguez – who fittingly worked as a drama teacher after growing up in Puerto Rico – has frequently filled her X account with political and social rants.

Amid the post-pandemic learning losses for students, Rodriguez blasted “white supremacy in action.”

“We live in a society that favors white people. White people are ahead in the game. Race is not a factor that can impact success for white people,” she wrote at the time.

“And this is why we need Critical Race Theory. God help us,” she lamented.

Rodrigues has introduced and helped pass legislation to protect abortion and gender-affirming care as well as pushing for Chicago to be designated a sanctuary city.

She has supported the model of “Treatment Not Trauma” which believes it is social workers and clinicians who should respond to crises, not police.

She has not held back on her views about law enforcement, using her social media platform to make assertions such as, “[P]olice = safety is racist equation.”

Rodriguez was re-elected last year for another four-year term after being elected to Chicago’s 33rd ward in May 2019.

“When we say #DefundThePolice we mean developing alternatives to racist punishment and brutality. This work has been around for a while and it’s a great tool to rethink our ideas of what public safety should look like,” Rodriguez wrote back in 2020 amid the George Floyd protests.

“Our BIPOC youth are on the streets because they are not gonna settle for this garbage society we have,” she posted on X in what appears to be a now-deleted post, according to Fox News. “They know we are better off investing in the things that protect us… not police.”

“The ‘Blue Lives Matter’ thin blue line is racist and has no place in the space of public institutions,” the alderwoman also wrote.

She faults “White supremacy” for the reason people commit crimes.

“White supremacy, systemic racism and exclusion are at the root of the issue of violence. If we want it to end we have to commit to dismantling white supremacist structures and fight for equity,” she reportedly wrote.

When one X user accused the socialist of being racist against white people, Rodriguez replied, “LOL. Did you call me a racist against white people? Reverse racism is not a thing,” she said. “So I have nothing else to contribute here, ‘sweetie.’”

Her efforts to defund the police department by millions last year saw her fellow council members reject the proposed ordinance.

Recently, Rodriguez has been vocally supporting anti-Israel activists on college campuses, saying in one post on X that they are the “ones with the moral clarity this moment.”

Frieda Powers


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