Chicago mayor giving minority-owned businesses $17mil of taxpayer’s money to feed illegals

Aptly described as the “soul of Chicago,” the mayor’s race-based handout benefiting illegal aliens was scorched as taxpayer-funded discrimination.

Paraphrasing incumbent Mayor Brandon Johnson’s (D) predecessor Rahm Emanuel, leftists running the Windy City weren’t letting the current crisis go to waste to the benefit of their Marxist ideals. To suit that end, Hizzoner recently appeared at a local business to tout nearly $18 million spent feeding illegals overrunning the city funneled specifically through non-white-owned businesses.

“The $17 million investment for these 18 black and brown small businesses is really the — it really captures what I call the soul of Chicago. It’s who we are,” said Johnson to the press at BJ’s Market & Bakery after having coordinated with the Greater Chicago Food Depository leadership to contract with businesses based on the race of their owners.

According to a press release from the city, over the course of 8 months, private donations plus $14.5 million from the state of Illinois had amounted to $17.6 million used to serve 18,000 meals per day at 21 shelters “to feed more than 10,000 asylum-seeking new arrivals.”

“I actually think it’s quite fitting that we are in this wonderful small business because it has been black and brown small businesses that have stepped up in this moment, in this crisis, to respond to these families who are arriving here,” boasted Johnson without acknowledging white-owned businesses were not eligible for the program picking winners and losers.

BJ’s owner John Meyer had detailed a 100% increase in revenue from the contract and contended, “For the first time in my 31 years in business, I’ve been able to run my restaurant as it’s meant to be.”

Reactions couldn’t help but highlight the glaringly obvious, state-sanctioned racial discrimination at work as one person wondered for clarity, “The ‘soul of Chicago’ is the mayor boasting that he ‘invested’ $17 million…to feed indigent foreign citizens at restaurants owned by people that look like him?”

Included with the scathing criticism of the reparations workaround were questions from many on the legality of the practice. After one user had tagged the Center for American Liberty’s Harmeet Dhillon seeking her legal expertise on the matter, the Republican National Committee member responded, “Racial preferences in government contracts and hiring have been justified by courts on the ground of historical discrimination against those groups. The mistakes of a century ago are visited on the taxpayers of today. But they can be subject to challenge based on evidence.”

Meanwhile, after propping up the aliens for months with food and shelter, the city adjusted their timetable on eviction notices for 13,000 freeloaders with the expectation that they make way for the next rounds of foreign nationals pouring into the country as the border crisis raged on under the neglect of President Joe Biden’s administration.

Kevin Haggerty


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