‘Chicken’ Ocasio-Cortez ducks debate with primary challenger

Following a familiar script, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is ducking a debate being pursued by her primary opponent, who is calling the radical socialist a “chicken.”

Marty Dolan, 66, a retired Wall Street banker, is running a long-shot campaign to oust the hard-left “squad” member. However, with a June 25 primary, time is running out for the candidates to hash out their differences before voters.

“She thinks she’s above the democratic process,” Dolan said. according to the New York Post. “AOC is AWOL, which is no surprise.”

“She’s ducking. She’s a chicken,” he added.

To be fair, Ocasio-Cortez is heavily favored and has a reported $6 million war chest, while the cupboard is nearly bare for her little-known opponent who had to personally loan his campaign money.

Dolan is hitting AOC for supporting New York’s sanctuary policy, which protects and encourages illegal immigration, arguing that the U.S. needs to freeze immigration, the Post reported.

The Democratic challenger is also going after Ocasio-Cortez on crime and affordability, as seen here:

He is also targeting the congresswoman with a common complaint since her ascension to prominence — neglect for the district she represents.

“She’s chasing two rabbits — national fame and trying to serve her district. You can’t do both,” he said.

Speaking of, Ocasio-Cortez has been glomming onto the attention former President Donald Trump has been drawing for Thursday’s rally in the Bronx, which reportedly drew as many as 30,000 supporters.

In an interview with Spectrum News, AOC offered a witless response to the Trump campaign saying a key focus of the rally will be to point out to New Yorkers how their lives have worsened under President Biden.

After claiming that there would be “a lot of out-of-towners” at the rally, she butchered a remark Trump allegedly made to oil executives to argue that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee will make gas more expensive by enabling energy producers to “price gouge.”

It’s an odd argument considering all the hits Biden has taken for the price of gas. Even more so when considering that gas was below $2 a gallon when the election was held in November 2020.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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