Chip Roy flags real concerns Sharia law will be ‘forced upon the American people’

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) issued a strong warning about where the ongoing illegal alien invasion of America could potentially lead, and it’s not to a happy place.

During a Tuesday speech from the House floor, the Lone Star State Republican warned that the failure to stem the invasion of foreigners could eventually transform America into a very alien place where Islamic Sharia law will be “forced” upon a previously free people.

“How many campaign ads, how many speeches are going to be given by my Republican colleagues between now and November about what they will do to secure the border? And what are they doing right now? Shrugging. ‘Sorry! Can’t do anything,’” he asked.


(Video: C-SPAN)

“We’re shrugging it off. We’re pretending it’s not happening,” Roy stated. “I mean, is anybody paying attention to what’s happening in London?”

“You’ve got a massive Muslim takeover of the United Kingdom going on right before our eyes. People say, ‘Chip, well what is wrong with that?’ Well, I’ve got some pretty strong concerns about Sharia law and whether that will be forced upon the American people,” he continued.

“In this case, the people of the United Kingdom. I’ve got pretty strong concerns about people who want to see Israel’s destruction, who were happy about October 7, who were elected in the United Kingdom. Some might say that we’ve seen that here in the United States. What are we gonna do about that?” Roy asked.

The GOP lawmaker’s fiery remarks come after he shared a clip of the election of a radical Muslim across the pond who celebrated the results of the vote with chants of “Allahu Akbar” in a chilling example of the end result of flooding the center of western civilization with immigrants.

“Coming to America,” the congressman wrote.

“We have 51.5 million people who are foreign-born in the United States. They have about 20-25 million kids,” Roy added. “That puts that well over 20-something percent of the population and it’s the highest such number in the history of our country. People say, ‘Well isn’t that great?’ Is it? Are we teaching people about Western civilization?”

“Are we teaching people about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law? Are we teaching them Western values? Are we teaching them God exists? Are we teaching them the importance of freedom? Or are we teaching an entire generation, or two, or three to run around complaining about what’s wrong and why the entire world is against them because of their skin color, their sex, their supposed gender identity?” Roy asked.

An overreaction? Perhaps not.

But it’s “Christian Nationalism” that the left would like Americans to believe they should be worried about.

Chris Donaldson


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