Chris Christie miffed Biden hasn’t called him yet

Former Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie thinks it’s “pretty stupid” that President Joe Biden has not reached out to him as he continues to disparage former President Donald Trump.

The former New Jersey governor has no shortage of cocky self-assurance and believes Biden should have called him by now, especially since he has vowed that he will not be casting a vote for former President Donald Trump in November.

When asked by The Washington Post’s Leigh Ann Caldwell whether he thought Biden should reach out for support from the anti-Trump Republican, Christie replied, “He hasn’t.”

“It’s pretty stupid for him not to,” Christie added.

His comment was part of a 90-minute discussion Tuesday hosted at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics.

Biden may not be calling the former GOP candidate who dropped out of the 2024 race in January, but his re-election team was happy to use his declaration to not vote for Trump “under any circumstances” in a video clip on social media.

Christie recalled words from former President George W. Bush, whom he claimed once told him to ask for people’s vote, saying, “People like to be asked.”

“If this were George W. Bush, man, my phone would have rung five minutes after I got out of the race,” Christie told Caldwell.

“We need to be working together. And it would be a smart thing for Biden to do but so far, no,” he said later in the talk, still lamenting no call from Biden.

“And I know he’s got my number because, right after he was elected, I said some positive things on ABC, and I got in the car to head back to New Jersey, and he called and said, ‘I listened to what you said. Thank you so much. Important for Republicans to be saying that,’” he claimed.

“So he’s got that number. I haven’t changed it,” Christie added.

Once a loyal ally of Trump, Christie turned on the now-presumptive GOP nominee. He continues to condemn and belittle Trump, boasting about how well he knows him. During Tuesday’s talk, he showed no self-awareness as he mocked the former president’s physical appearance.

Frieda Powers


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