Chris Wallace astounded by the ‘electric’ reaction to Trump in Iowa

Chris Wallace and his CNN colleagues marveled over how “electric” the reaction to Donald Trump is among Republican voters in Iowa — if you didn’t know better, you’d think they were celebrating the man.

“When he walked in the room, the reaction was electric. Everybody,” Wallace proclaimed. “There may be people here for a lot of other candidates. There was genuine excitement. Everybody stood up, gave him a standing ovation.”

Wallace spoke about how Trump was suddenly not talking about grievances over 2020 and was instead telling voters how much better the country was when he was president. He also predicted Trump would be in a hurry to get the nomination business over with after Iowa so Republicans could unite to fight  President Joe Biden — while Wallace was quick to anoint Trump with the GOP nomination, the last Iowa primary winner who went on to be elected president was George W. Bush some 20 years ago.

Host Kasie Hunt was also ready to dub Trump the GOP nominee as she went on about how famous he is.

“The thing that we can’t lose sight of is that this really is a race between two incumbents, for all intents and purposes, in Joe Biden and Donald Trump,” Hunt stated. “Donald Trump is one of the most famous men on the entire planet.”

“It makes sense that he has been the frontrunner all along,” she added. “And I think what really has driven that dynamic is that no other candidate has made a convincing argument against him, or shown the country that they can stand up and become or be a bigger deal than he is.”

Bash was in full agreement.

“You know, it’s so true,” she said. “And what you said about the way that this room changed when he walked in and the people here realized that he was here. It’s a reminder that one of the main reasons that people love him and people don’t love him.”

“But in this case, it’s the people who love him. It’s because of not just what he says, but how they make him — how he makes them feel,” she continued. “It is his, um… I think the reason why he has been so incredibly successful with the people who are so incredibly stuck to him and will would walk through fire for him.”

Bash asked Wallace if he’d ever seen the “passion that he drives in people.”

“No,” he replied. “To see the willful denial of reality and the percentage of people who don’t think that Joe Biden is the legitimate president… or say, you know, I don’t care if he’s convicted, I would still vote for him. I mean, it is, it’s it’s beyond any political movement I’ve ever seen. People sometimes call it a cult.”

“But what you certainly have to say is that people are genuinely devoted and committed to this guy, and are gonna follow him. I mean, it’s it’s a movement unlike any other I’ve ever seen before,” Wallace concluded.

Tom Tillison


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