Christians Chip and Joanna Gaines called on to speak up against Target, as they continue partnership

As June approaches and Pride Month looms on the horizon, Target seems determined to “Bud Light” themselves as they try desperately to walk the thin woke line between virtue signaling for ESG points and avoiding a consumer revolt.

In a sense, what Target is doing is even worse. At least Bud Light was honest and upfront about their misguided stand on trans activism. And unlike the near-universal rejection of Anheuser-Busch by concerned conservatives, big-name Christians are still flogging their goods on Target shelves, just steps away from rainbow-colored onesies.

Target, it appears, is simply “lying” to its customers, as influencer Benny Johnson recently discovered.

Following tremendous backlash over its Satan-approved children’s gear and “tuck-friendly” women’s swimsuits, Target issued a half-hearted mea culpa and said they were pulling the more offensive items.

The Minneapolis-based corporation held an “emergency” call, and some stores said they would move their Pride displays from the front of the store to less visible locations.

“Okay, so I am here at Target in Tampa, Florida,” Johnson begins. “Just walked in the door.”

“You’ve heard that there’s a backlash and that Target’s made some real changes to their very aggressive Pride display this year,” he continues, “and you have been lied to, actually.”

Sure enough, right at the front of the store, a toddler-size mannequin is clad in a rainbow-colored shirt and a $15 black romper that is featured on its website under the “LGBT Pride: Toddler Clothing” section.

“And it gets better,” Johnson says.

The popular podcaster points to rainbow-covered onesies meant for 12-month-olds.

Target said they were nixing merchandise from Abprallen, a label by trans designer Erik Carnell, whose line features kiddie Ouija boards and a sticker that reads, “Satan respects pronouns.”

That, too, was a lie.

Johnson shows what appears to be an Abprallen children’s fanny pack emblazoned with the slogan, “We Belong Everywhere.”

“See that?” he asks. “This is designed by the now infamous Satanic company, the guy that says ‘We’re hanging with Satan because Satan respects pronouns.’ This is his brand. Look it up. Right here, at the front of the store, along with the child mannequin.”

But perhaps most disturbing is the proximity of the Faustian fanny packs to the Joanna Gaines section of the store.

For those unfamiliar, reality TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have marketed themselves as the quintessential Christian family, with wholesome values and a love of all things “homey.”

“Joanna Gaines is a very lucrative — a presumably multi-billion-dollar deal with Target,” Johnson explains, “and she is a Christian who has Christian moral values that she wishes to uphold and built her entire brand on family values.”

“You see, I’ve just taken probably 10 steps from the display and here we are,” he says, showing an entire section of the store dedicated to “Hearth and Home” merchandise.

“This is the Joanna Gaines fiefdom inside of Target,” Johnson reveals.

“There they are, the paragons of Christian entrepreneurs and family values, right next to the Satanic designs inside of the Pride display in Target that they’ve been lying to you about,” he stated as he did a close-up shot of a picture of Chip and Joanna Gaines. “So, there you go, Joanna.”

Johnson isn’t the only one calling out the Gaineses for their duplicity.

“Once again, Chip and Joanna have some explaining to do,” wrote Madeline Osburn for The Federalist. “If a business partner is going to make you stupidly rich, then you should have to speak up and explain yourself when that business partner reveals itself to be all in on a movement that strips minors of their emotional and physical well-being, going as far as promoting chemical castration and genital mutilation.”

“No one doubts that Chip and Joanna are good people, kind, moral, and aligned with American values, but if I had a line at a company, and my name was on it, and that brand partnered with a trans satanist that makes tuck-em bikinis for kids, I would feel compelled to speak up,” said Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy. “Now, maybe they’re raising questions internally, of course, that’s possible, but why aren’t they doing so publicly?”

The bottom line, says Johnson, is that Target is telling Pinocchios, and parents need to know about it.

America’s Parents must know what they’re supporting by shopping at Target,” he tweeted. “If you’re a Target shopper, you’re funding Satanic child sex grooming.”

“Target can’t lie their way out of it,” Johnson stated. “Let’s make sure people know what @Target supports.”

Melissa Fine


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