Christina Pushaw details theory on why Roger Stone is ‘so mad at Ron DeSantis’

The firestorm sparked by Roger Stone’s controversial swipe at Casey DeSantis is still smoldering on social media, and Ron DeSantis’s rapid response director thinks she knows what’s at the root of all that animosity.

As BizPac Review reported, Stone, a longtime advisor to former President Donald Trump, called Florida’s First Lady a “c–t” for bringing up her children while on the campaign trail.

Casey had posted a photo of herself with her children along with the caption, “Earning every vote… Fighting for our future… #FightWeMust.”

Mike Crispi, a pro-Trump commentator, took that as an opportunity to mock the mother of three for repeatedly reminding voters that she and the governor have “a 6, 5 and a 3 year old.”

That’s when Stone jumped in, replying to Crispi with, “SeeUNextTuesday.”

Now, as any woman will tell you, that’s seen as a passive-aggressive euphemism for just about the worst thing you can call a gal.

With mountains of mud already being exchanged between Trump and DeSantis supporters, Stone’s thinly-veiled slur did not go down well.

“Why are you debasing yourself and others by using the lowest of low derogatory terms for a woman?” asked one user on X. “And using phonetics to say it too. You know it’s not an appropriate term so you used phonics. I’m disgusted and disappointed in you.”

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’s outspoken rapid response director, believes she knows exactly why Stone would say such a thing, and it has nothing to do with Casey DeSantis.

“Why is Trump’s top advisor Roger Stone so mad at @RonDeSantis?” she asked on Saturday. “To answer this question, we need to go back several years. I am sharing this story because a lot of people who aren’t from Florida might not know about it, and it says a LOT about the kind of leader DeSantis is.”

According to Pushaw, it all goes back to the horrific high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“On February 14, 2018, the lives of 17 innocent people were taken by an evil murderer at a school in Parkland, Florida,” she explained. “The Broward County Sheriff at the time, Scott Israel, had ‘failed in his duties to keep our families and children safe during the devastating shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School,’ DeSantis said, citing numerous examples of Sheriff Israel’s dereliction of duty.”

What does that have to do with Stone?

Well, according to Pushaw, “Roger Stone worked as a political consultant for Sheriff Scott Israel (a Democrat by the way) for many years.

And during his first week as governor, on January 11, 2019, DeSantis, via executive order, removed Israel from office and appointed a new Broward County sheriff.

“The families of the victims deserve accountability. It is my job as Governor to ensure that the safety of our local communities, especially the safety of our children, is paramount. Government officials must be held accountable for their actions, and/or inactions. For these reasons, I am suspending Sheriff Israel from office effective immediately,” DeSantis said in a statement at the time.

“Many politicians talk. DeSantis Delivers,” Pushaw stated. “That makes all the worst people angry. But it’s also why good people appreciate him.”

Pushaw went on to post a news report that detailed Israel’s alleged “corruption.”

“Here is a local news report from 2013 reporting on the corruption of Democrat Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, before DeSantis was elected governor and REMOVED him from office. This article also details Scott Israel’s ties to Roger Stone and his cronies,” she said, attaching an article from Local10.

“A local TV reporter in South Florida found that the Broward Sheriff’s Office under Democrat Sheriff Scott Israel was facing a budget shortfall that could lead to mass layoffs,” Pushaw said in a follow-up post. “However, the BSO somehow found a million dollars to hire a bunch of new staff (not law enforcement officers) who happened to be associates of Roger Stone! Wow!”

Stone responded to Pushnaw’s tweet to dispute that he “worked for” Israel, adding: “I dislike Ron DeSantis because his candidacy is a treacherous personal betrayal of the man who lifted him from political obscurity and made him Governor.”

As for her “receipts,” some were not overly impressed.

“I mean, Scott Israel was elected with 72% of the vote,” one user replied. “Tough to come in here and be like, ‘hey, our guy will dictate who the elected officials are in your county,’ and think that’s some sort of ‘conservative’ flex.”

“You don’t have receipts,” said another, “this is an embarrassment.”

But others were quick to push back.

“No receipts needed,” one user shot back. “I live in Broward and lived through this.”

Melissa Fine


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