CIA officer boasts FBI ‘can put anyone in jail…set ’em up’ – spills secrets in shocking undercover video

A shocking undercover video shows a CIA officer admitting the FBI uses “embellished” news and “fake social media” to entrap people.

Recorded by Sound Investigations, a new undercover operation similar to Project Veritas, the video showed a journalist interviewing an unsuspecting CIA contracting officer named Gavin O’Blennis.

“You can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do,” O’Blennis said in the video. “You set ’em up. You create the situation to where they have no choice but to act on their impulse. And once they act on that impulse, some would call that entrapment.”

Watch the full video below:

“Does the bureau entrap a lot?” the journalist asked O’Blennis.

“We get really close,” he replied. “We get as close as we can. We get as close as we can do it without doing it. We call it a ‘nudge.’ Sometimes you just gotta give ‘a quick little [cluck] to see what happens.”

“How does that happen?” the journalist pressed.

“You put a post out there,” O’Blennis responded. “Or you have some fake profile [that] says something that we know is going to trigger them. Like, we already know your history. If we’re to that point, we already know everything about you. So we’re like, ‘Oh, this will piss him off.'”

“Like a rally?” the journalist asked.

“Sometimes,” the CIA operative replied. “Nothing like putting out a fake social media thing to really get people mad. ‘Oh, it’s fake news.’ Sometimes it is. It’s not fake. It’s embellished a little.”

Asked to specify an influencer the CIA has messed with, O’Blennis pointed to Alex Jones: “You always want the biggest and loudest, like the one that said Sandy Hook didn’t happen, so we were after him.”

When asked if the bureau is still after Jones, he said no, explaining that because Jones is now “broke,” they’re laying off him: “He’s broke. He was found guilty, and he had to pay like a hundred million dollars.”

The journalist continued by asking whether the CIA’s “goal” was to “bankrupt” Jones. O’Blennis said, “pretty much.”

Also asked whether the bureau encouraged the affected Sandy Hook families to civilly sue Jones, O’Blennis said kind of.

“We don’t encourage people,” he claimed. “We just say, ‘There’s no ‘federal’ statue being broken, but you do have the option for a civil case — and it’s a pretty good case, in our opinion.'”

FYI, Jones has responded to this video by vowing to sue the CIA and FBI:

Elsewhere during the interview, O’Blennis admitted that FBI agents were present at the Jan. 6th riot.

“There always are [agents present] when there’s a big protest in DC, just in case it gets out of hand like that,” he said. “I’m talking we maybe had 20. You needed 1,000 to get rid of that crowd.”

What was the agents’ purpose?

“Just to go through, to observe, to see what they can hear, you know that kind of thing,” O’Blennis explained.

“Do people know that the Bureau was in the crowd?” the journalist asked.

“Nope, and they probably never will,” the CIA operative replied.

Responding to South Investigation’s findings, critics were furious.


Vivek Saxena


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