Liz Warren goes there, becomes first senator to jump on the Israel ‘genocide’ bandwagon

The ridiculous claim that Israel is guilty of committing an actual genocide in Gaza is just a Hamas talking point that leftists have sadly parroted, the latest one being Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In a video that was posted to social media by a reporter for Boston-based GBH, the serial exaggerator was seen telling a crowd at a local Islamic center that she agreed that the Jewish nation was guilty of the wholesale liquidation of the Palestinian people, a blatant falsehood that has been repeated ever since Israel retaliated against the terrorists that slaughtered over 1,200 of its citizens last year.

Warren, who was fondly dubbed “Pocahontas” by former President Donald J. Trump for overstating her Indian heritage to curry favor in academia at the expense of real Native Americans, served up her latest double-decker Whopper on Friday in response to a question at the Islamic Center of Boston.

“Do you think that Israel is committing genocide?” Warren was asked by a female audience member.

At first, the progressive firebrand tried to dodge a direct answer, responding “So…what’s happened now is there’s going to be a long and involved debate over what constitutes genocide when you ask a legal question.”

“For me, it is far more important to say what Israel is doing is wrong,” she continued, accusing Israel of starving children and imposing its will on a civilian population. “It is wrong to drop 2,000-pound bombs in densely populated civilian areas…”

Warren’s droning on wasn’t acceptable to the crowd who demanded a “yes or no” answer.

“If you want to do it as an application of law, I believe that they’ll find that it is genocide, and they have ample evidence to do so,” the senator replied, the first member of the upper chamber to openly use the G-word against Israel, a rhetorical escalation.

“Pocahontas” was referring to the International Court of Justice, another one of the globalist Israel-hating bodies that have sided with the terrorists since day one of Israel’s military response to the barbaric October 7, 2023 sneak attack on civilians.

In January, the ICJ found it to be “plausible” that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.

Likely not expecting that her casual tossing about of the G-word would end up on social media, Warren’s office released a statement that seems to be a tepid attempt at damage control.

“In a Q&A, Senator Warren commented on the ongoing legal process at the International Court of Justice, not sharing her views on whether genocide is occurring in Gaza,” the statement read. “In January the ICJ found that it is ‘plausible’ that Israel has committed acts that violate the Geneva Convention.”

“As the senator said at the mosque, what is far more important than any label that comes out of this legal process is the question of whether it should be the policy of the United States to support Israel’s actions in Gaza,” the spokesperson for the senator added.

On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin rejected Warren’s accusation, saying that the U.S. doesn’t “have any evidence of genocide” after pro-Hamas protesters interrupted a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing where he was speaking.

Chris Donaldson


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