Classless Rep. Crockett’s pointless attack on Tony Bobulinski has many asking how she got elected

Democrats continued to show their disrespect during Wednesday’s House Oversight Hearing on the Biden impeachment inquiry as Hunter Biden’s former business partner testified.

One of many eyebrow-raising moments came when Rep. Jasmine Crockett berated Tony Bobulinski as she seemed to filibuster for a few minutes instead of asking her question.

“So far in this hearing, it has felt like the worst episode of The Apprentice. I’m sure you’re familiar with that show,” the Texas Democrat said as she claimed Republicans were trying to help former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election by making up allegations against President Joe Biden.

“It seems like my colleagues, and maybe you and some others are trying to become the next vice president of the United States of America. You’re auditioning or something like that,” she told Bobulinski, questioning his credibility while not letting him speak.

“And, sir, I definitely have always had issues with your credibility, as I know that you are very well aware of. So let me remind you of what happened behind closed doors,” Crockett said.

“Well, you should ask Ro Khanna about my credibility,” Bobulinski responded.

“I haven’t asked you a question. Okay? When I ask you a question that’s when you answer. Otherwise, I’m talking,” the Democrat snapped.

“Excuse me?” a shocked Bobulinski replied.

“With my time because it’s my time,” Crockett snarked before continuing.

“I want to be clear that when we were behind closed doors, you called a number of people liars. You called the Wall Street Journal liars. You called Cassidy Hutchinson a liar. You call the FBI a liar. You called Rob Walker a liar. You call James Gillard a liar. You called Hunter Biden a liar. You call Jim Biden a liar. And just today, you added to your list. You called my colleague, Congressman Mr. Goldman, a liar as well,” the congresswoman said.

“It seems like, according to you, the only person that’s telling the truth is you. And everyone else is lying. But I want to move on to something else,” she declared.

“Is that a question?” Bobulinski asked.

“It’s not a question. Okay. You’ll know when I ask you a question, I promise,” Crockett replied.

The tense exchange set off a wave of reactions on social media where many wondered what her point was if there was any at all.

Frieda Powers


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