Climate brat pack accosts Joe Manchin at NH diner, boasts they chased him out through the kitchen

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) was swarmed by unruly climate cult activists as he was speaking during a visit to a New Hampshire diner.

The West Virginia moderate continues to tease a third-party run in this year’s election, having often found himself at odds with President Joe Biden and the left-wing zealots that are driving his Green New Deal agenda and he was accosted by the pack of climate brats at the Derry eatery.

Members of the Washington, D.C.-based group Climate Defiance accosted the Democrat senator who boasted that they chased him out of the restaurant, causing him to flee the premises by way of the kitchen in a video of the encounter that they posted to X on Tuesday.

“Big update. Big, big update. We just found Joe Manchin yet again, in a diner. We swarmed it. We took it over. We seized control. We shut him down so hard he had to flee through the kitchen. We will not walk like sheep to slaughter. We will not stand down. Respect us or expect us,” the group wrote.

In the video footage, Manchin is seen speaking to customers about issues including border security when the young mostly male Climate Defiance members began badgering him with chants of “Off fossil fuels, Manchin, off fossil fuels!” as they caused a major disruption before the pests were shooed out by police.

“The single-largest recipient of oil and gas money, Manchin blowtorches our planet and gloats. He chairs the Senate Energy Committee, and uses this role to protect his personal coal company. He earns more income from this coal company than he does from his senate salary. It shows,” Climate Defiance wrote in another post to X.

“If you look closely you will see Joe Manchin DANCING TO THE BEAT, as we chant ‘off fossil fuels,'” the group tauntingly said in another clip of Manchin from the incident.

That Manchin was in the Granite State will likely only further contribute to the buzz about a renegade White House run.

According to a Fox Business report, the senator plans to meet with Biden to attempt to “move him to the center,” likely a futile endeavor with it being an election year and the octogenarian career politician badly needed to keep the most extreme elements of the Democrat base in his corner.

“We came of age in a time of great tumult. A global pandemic. A deadly assault on democracy. Mass shootings with our morning coffee,” Climate Defiance states on its website. “And hovering above it all, an existential crisis that threatens every fiber of every being in every corner of the world. We aim not to work within the current political reality. We aim to change it.”

Chris Donaldson


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