Climate loons are now talking about ways to make Barbie’s Dreamhouse more climate change-friendly

CBS News is facing mockery for calling for Barbie’s Dreamhouse to be redesigned because of climate change.

In a report filed late last week, CBS News drew attention to a five-slide Instagram post from Climate Central, a nonprofit.

Published last Wednesday, the post showcased “how Barbie’s Dreamhouse – and other homes – can be redesigned to adapt to increasing global temperatures and the extreme weather that comes with it,” according to CBS News.

This greatly excited the establishment network.


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“Barbie’s home may be a Dreamhouse, but as her state of California continues to experience a brutal heat wave sending temperatures to the triple digits, it may not be a dream setup for long. But there is a way to help her thrive – as well as the billions of others in the world,” CBS News’ article reads.

The piece continues by documenting how California has become a hellhole over the years because of climate change. (FYI, it’s also become a hellhole because of liberalism, but that’s another topic for another day.)

“California, where Barbie’s home is based, has been facing an onslaught of brutal weather over the past year – severe drought that encapsulated the majority of the state, back-to-back deadly atmospheric rivers that caused massive floods, and now, extreme heat,” the piece reads.

“And these are problems that aren’t going away anytime soon. As humans continue to heavily burn fossil fuels, the gases emitted in that process will continue to fill the atmosphere, trapping the heat from the sun and turning Barbie’s Dreamhouse into an Easy Bake Oven,” it adds.

CBS News then describes Climate Central’s Instagram slides.

“Rising temperatures mean it takes more energy (and money) to cool homes like Barbie’s dreamhouse,” one of the slides reads.

“Slashing emissions helps reign in climate change, and buildings count for 1/5th of carbon pollution in Barbie’s home state,” another one adds.

There’s also one that demonstrates how over the years, “the number of years with average temperatures above the long-term average has only increased in frequency.”

“Climate Central demonstrated this change with Barbie’s own ‘warming stripes’ – a graph of vertical stripes ranging from blue to dark red that indicate those temperatures. Blue represents individual years cooler than the long-term average, while pink and red indicate years that were warmer,” CBS News notes.

The media outlet’s piece has attracted mockery and criticism from those stunned that anyone would take the idea of making Barbie’s home — which isn’t real — climate change friendly:

Notice what the latter Twitter user wrote. His tweet was a reference to something former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton tweeted Tuesday.

“Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office,” she’d written on Twitter, now known as X.

Her point was that every American who votes Republican is to blame for the scorching heat being experienced across the country. Why? Because they oppose the left’s climate change policies.

View her post below:

The left genuinely believes the world is doomed because of climate change, meaning all of society must be redesigned from the bottom up to save humanity.

Conservatives, on the other hand, believe that the true solution to climate change is adaptability, meaning humans must find ways to adapt if and as the temperature climbs to unnecessary, dangerous levels.

The left argues that the key step to saving the world from doom is for fossil fuels to be banned. And incidentally, Climate Central believes the same.

“Climate Central made it clear that the most crucial step in ensuring Barbie’s Dreamhouse stays as iconic as it’s been for generations is one that climate scientists and experts have long pushed for – cutting off the burning of fossil fuels,” CBS News reports.

“Using non-renewable sources for energy like coal and oil causes heat-trapping gases, namely carbon dioxide, to be released into the atmosphere. As the production of those materials continues, the atmosphere will continue to be overconcentrated with those particles. And even if the burning of fossil fuels stopped today, the global temperatures and climate change impacts currently being experienced would stick around for decades,” it continues.

Notice the last sentence: “[E]ven if the burning of fossil fuels stopped today, the global temperatures and climate change impacts currently being experienced would stick around for decades.”

And that’s exactly why conservatives think it’s stupid to try to stop climate change and must be smarter to try and adapt to it …


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