Clip of Fetterman casually ‘eating Israel’s detractors for lunch’ has leftists BIG mad

U.S. Sen. John Fetterman, a Democrat, has once again gone viral for upending Israel’s notorious detractors.

The latest clip shows him hanging out somewhere in D.C. when a pro-Palestinian activist accuses him of caring more about Israeli lives than Palestinian lives.

“Senator, I always thought you were an anti-racist, but it seems like you value Israeli lives more than you value Palestinian lives,” the activist says to Fetterman in the clip.

The senator then shakes his head and pithily replies, “Still with Israel.”


The clip attracted both praise and backlash.

Supporters of Israel, of course, responded with praise.

But Israel’s detractors weren’t pleased.


Fetterman has been eating the lunch of anti-Israel detractors ever since the Oct. 7th terror attack on Israel by Hamas.

Unlike many of his colleagues, the congressman immediately took up the banner of Israel and began calling for the release of hostages held by the terrorists. He even wrapped himself in an Israeli flag while at a pro-Israel rally, deeply impressing conservatives but also deeply angering leftists.

Then in March, he went even further by slamming his own party, the Democrats, for snubbing a virtual sit-down with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As reported at the time, Netanyahu had reached out to congressional Republicans and Democrats hoping to speak with them both, but only Republicans agreed.

Fetterman was not pleased.

“I was very disappointed that our caucus wasn’t — we didn’t have the opportunity to do that,” he told Fox News. “I really wanted to hear from Netanyahu. In fact, I even asked the Republicans [through] back channels, just like, hey, can I just sit there? And I don’t even have to [ask] any questions.”

He continued by wondering why there haven’t been more calls and demands for Hamas to surrender versus for Israel to accept a potentially harmful ceasefire.

“And I’ve always been incredibly surprised why we’re not talking about where this was because of Hamas and the things that they’ve done and that why [isn’t there] a protest, [a] kind of a surge to demand that Hamas [surrender] on this,” he said.

“If you really want to end all the — just the misery and the death and the destruction — if they would just surrender, it would end tomorrow. Release everybody, send them home. And that’s been very frustrating,”  he added.

And finally, he pushed back on the claim that 31,000 Palestinians have died during the Israel-Hamas war.

“And then we’re talking about now there [are] 31,000 Palestinians that were killed, and, well, you’re not talking about, well, 13,000 or more are actually Hamas fighters on that,” he said. “So, why aren’t you breaking that out as well, too?”

“And then, if you do, and talk about the casualty ratio, it’s actually very clear that this isn’t a genocide or that the Israelis are targeting civilians. In fact, the only ones that [target] civilians, that’s Hamas,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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