Clueless KJP says the quiet part out loud in praise of MSNBC

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre raised eyebrows with a telling comment during an MSNBC appearance.

Ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address Thursday night, Jean-Pierre said the quiet part out loud as she joined the “Morning Joe” crew to discuss the president’s planned speech.

Though she was ostensibly scheduled to gaslight Americans on the many “accomplishments” of the president and his administration, Jean-Pierre joked that the “Morning Joe” crew had effectively done her work for her as they played the part of cheerleaders before she came on.

“Let’s go right to the White House. Joining us now, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre,” co-host Willie Geist said as he introduced Biden’s spox. “Karine, it’s good to see you this morning.”

“Hey, good to see you,” she responded, adding, “I was going to say, I don’t think you guys need me.”

“I was just listening to — to the commentary. I don’t think you guys need me this morning, but it’s good to be on!” she joked.

Geist was certainly not about to agree and end the interview so he responded with, “We’ll ask you anyway, Karine.”

He followed by asking the press secretary to contrast Biden with former President Donald Trump, and she delivered her prepared talking points.

“Look, tonight is obviously a very important night. The president is looking forward to not just being in front of Congress but talking directly to the American people. Just think about it. He’ll be talking to folks who are sitting on their couches, sitting around the kitchen table, and letting them know how he sees the vision for our country, talking about how he’s going to build on these accomplishments that he has delivered — that has delivered gains for the American families,” she gushed.

“Don’t want to get too far ahead of him, but that’s how he’s going to do the contrast here,” she said after raving about what and “who he stands for.”

“It’s going to be important for the American people, as he knows it and understands it, and as you all been talking about it this morning to hear directly from him on his vision,” Jean-Pierre added. “How — what he’s done in the last three years. He’s done more in the last three years, Willie, than most presidents have been able to do in their first — in their two terms. And so, that is going to be important for the president tonight.”

Jean-Pierre may have gotten a giggle out of the MSNBC crew doing her job for her, but social media users were not amused.

Frieda Powers


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