CNN commentator celebrates SCOTUS agreeing to hear Trump case but leftists are livid

A CNN commentator, of all people, celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision Friday to hear former President Donald Trump’s ballots case.

As previously reported, Colorado and Maine, both Democrat-led states, have barred Trump’s name from their 2024 GOP presidential primary ballots. But on Friday, the high court said it’ll review the Colorado ruling and scheduled oral arguments for Feb. 8th.

Later that evening on CNN, host Jake Tapper asked political commentator Paul Begala whether he thinks President Joe Biden wants Trump on the ballots.

In replying, Begala made it clear how he personally feels about the former president being barred from the ballots.


“I think in his heart of hearts — I hate to read Joe Biden’s heart — but in his heart, he wants Trump on the ballot,” Begala said. “He feels like, I beat him once, I [can] beat him again. But more than that … as a political matter, as a politician, Trump has a political problem, he demands a political solution. He needs to be defeated again at the ballot box.”

What’s best for the country is to have this election. If the Republicans want Mr. Trump on the ballot, they should have Mr. Trump on the ballot. And I think that’s what’s going to happen,” he added.

The Supreme Court’s decision Friday came two days after Trump appealed the Colorado ruling to the high court.

“The stunning 4-3 [ruling] last month [by the Colorado Supreme Court] said Trump is constitutionally ineligible to run in 2024 because the 14th Amendment’s ban on insurrectionists holding office covers his conduct on January 6, 2021,” according to CNN.

In the appeal filed Wednesday, Trump’s attorneys argued that “[i]n our system of ‘government of the people, by the people, [and] for the people,’ Colorado’s ruling is not and cannot be correct.”

“The Colorado Supreme Court erred in how it described President Trump’s role in the events of January 6, 2021. It was not ‘insurrection’ and President Trump in no way ‘engaged’ in ‘insurrection,'” they added.

The good news is the Supreme Court has decided to expedite the case.

“Trump is set to file his opening brief in the case by January 18. The Colorado voters challenging his eligibility for office will file their opening arguments by January 31,” CNN notes.

“This timeline compresses the normal briefing schedule to one-third of its typical length, underscoring how quickly the justices are choosing to move,” according to CNN.

Every day leftists were angered by the decision because they were convinced the high court is corrupt and that they’ll automatically vote in favor of Trump regardless of the arguments heard.

Case in point:

For the time being, Trump’s name remains on Colorado’s ballot.

“Colorado law required Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold (D) to certify who could be on the primary ballot Friday, and she included Trump’s name because the state Supreme Court ruling remains on hold,” The Washington Post notes.

“If Trump is later found ineligible to run, Griswold could prevent votes for him from being counted,” according to the Post.

The Post further admits that no matter who wins the case, roughly half of the country will be angry.

“The public already views the Supreme Court through a partisan lens, with Democrats expressing little confidence in the court and Republicans saying the opposite — and the question of whether Trump should be kept off the ballot has the potential to further polarize those views,” the paper notes.

“It throws them right into the political thicket,” Stanford law professor Michael W. McConnell told the paper. “There is no way they can decide the case without having about half the country think they are being partisan hacks.”

Vivek Saxena


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