CNN salivates that Bannon will be jailed with violent criminals

With yet another former Trump official about to be imprisoned for contempt of Congress — a penalty that seemingly only applies to Republicans under the Biden DOJ — CNN appears to be salivating over the possibility that Steve Bannon could end up in Rikers Island with violent criminals.

Bannon, 70, must turn himself in on July 1 to begin a 4-month sentence for a charge originating with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s one-sided, sham select committee to “investigate” the Jan. 6, 2021, protest at the U.S. Capitol that got out of hand. Trump advisor Peter Navarro, 74, is currently sitting in prison for the same reason.

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CNN reporter Katelyn Polantz filed a report Monday saying Bannon “won’t be serving time at what’s known as a ‘Club Fed,’ the most comfortable type of facility in the federal system, as he had wanted,” citing people familiar with the arrangements.

“Instead of a minimum-security prison camp, where many nonviolent offenders serve their time, Bannon – now a right-wing podcaster with a following of loyal Trump supporters – is set to report next month to the low-security federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut,” Polantz wrote.

Polantz appeared Monday on Outfront, with host Erin Burnett saying, “Katelyn, I mean, this is a significant development. Not at all what Bannon was hoping for, or frankly, seemed to be expecting?”

“No, not at all what Steve Bannon was wanting here,” Polantz replied. “He had expected – and his lawyers had expected – that, he’s non-violent, he had not had any prior convictions. And so, maybe he would go to a prison camp, very minimal security in the federal system. That’s not what’s happening.”

“So, he’s behind ‘The Wall’, is what they call it,” she added. “It’s different than a camp. It has more confines for the inmates that are kept there. Also, violent offenders can be kept in a low-security prison like the one Bannon is going to be reporting to in just a couple weeks in Danbury, Connecticut.”

Polantz reported that Bannon may end up being transferred to the infamous Rikers Island jail because of a pending criminal case against him in New York for allegedly defrauding donors in a fundraising effort branded the “We Build the Wall” campaign for a border wall between the US and Mexico.

“Bannon could still potentially face rougher prison environments. He may need to be held in a facility in New York City, such as the infamous Rikers Island jail, during his state trial proceedings if it takes place while he is still serving his federal sentence,” she noted in her report, citing a source.

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