CNN talking head has angry spat with GOP lawmaker over Hunter testimony: ‘That’s incorrect sir!’

Hunter Biden finally testified in the impeachment inquiry into his father and Democrats were in a full-court press to manage perceptions, especially on the cable news networks that carry Biden’s water.

The presidential son was grilled behind closed doors on Capitol Hill on Wednesday as members of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees sought answers about President Joe Biden and his family’s alleged corruption and one lawmaker, Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) later appeared on CNN where he clashed with Boris Sanchez.

(Video: CNN)

The younger Biden’s testimony came after the arrest of a key witness, ex-FBI informant Alexander Smirnov who remains behind bars on charges that he lied to federal agents, a blow to the probe into “The Big Guy” who has been accused of a foreign bribery scheme with funds funneled through his son’s business entities.

At one point in the segment, the emotional talking head and the congressman clashed over $20 million that Republicans believe went to Hunter Biden and his associates from foreign entities.

“If he had the qualifications, what did he produce?” Burchett asked of Hunter Biden who lacked any credentials other than being the then-veep’s son for his plum position on the board of a Ukrainian energy company. “What did that $20 million, in fact, bring in that flowed through his family through the Chinese communists and others?”

“I’m curious about the $20 million, sir, because the actual bank records show that $15 million of that money actually went to Biden family associates, not the Biden family,” Sanchez said. “But I’m curious – specifically – how much of that money you’re alleging went to Vice President Joe Biden back when he was in the White House?”

The lawmaker attempted to explain to the increasingly agitated host about the byzantine network of shell companies that the money was being moved through only to be met with hostility from Sanchez.

“Pardon me, sir. There’s a huge distinction, there’s a huge distinction between whether it’s appropriate for the family of a president to make money off of his name and whether that’s ethical,” Sanchez argued. “But the question is specifically about what Joe Biden did when he was in office as vice president, whether he abused his power or whether he enriched his family members and right now, there is zero evidence coming from the Oversight Committee that when he was vice president, he did either of those things.”

Burchett calmly countered, “There’s $20 million that flowed through. You saw these accounts…”

“That’s incorrect, sir!” Sanchez interrupted. “Bank records don’t reflect that,” whipping out a piece of paper that appeared to be a copy as a prop as he sparred with the Oversight Committee member.

“They don’t specifically say, I looked at the bank records, they don’t say that Joe Biden got any money from them. Have you read the bank records?” Sanchez asked as Burchett struggled to get a word in. “Because they don’t list Joe Biden’s name. I’m not gonna let you say things that are untrue, sir.”

“So, sir, the truth is, is that $20 million flowed through this family, whichever way it went. There’s no records of taxes being paid…,” the congressman said as Sanchez ranted for several more minutes in his defense of Biden, a sad example of how the once esteemed news network has degenerated into a public relations and propaganda operation for the Democrats.

Chris Donaldson


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