CNN whines that the RNC is choosing ‘fake electors’ to make Trump nomination official

The media is up in arms because the Republican National Committee is reportedly relying on so-called “fake electors” to nominate former President Donald Trump.

“Seven battleground states are sending fake electors and others who worked to upend the 2020 election results to represent their state parties at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where they will officially anoint Donald Trump as their presidential nominee,” CNN whined on Wednesday.

“They’ve been selected to serve as national committee members, delegates, or alternates with one clear task: Make Trump’s nomination official,” the report continued.

What makes these electors “fake” in the media’s eyes is their involvement in efforts four years ago to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election. That and the fact that some of them are facing charges from Democrat prosecutors as per these efforts.

According to CNN, the RNC’s decision to recruit these “fake electors” to get the job done this year proves “how Trump has effectively woven election denialism into the GOP’s platform.”

“Election denialism is like the price of entry now,” disgraced former Rep. Adam Kinzinger told the left-wing network. “These people that were in the fake elector scheme, or got a mug shot, they’re now the heroes of the movement, and they’ve taken over the party.”

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party’s most notorious election denier, Hillary Rodham Clinton, still remains a hero in many leftists’ eyes:

Note also that the RNC isn’t even responsible for choosing convention representatives.

“State delegations are made up of delegates elected by their peers at the state party level,” RNC spokesperson Anna Kelly tried to explain to the left-wing network.

Plus, some of the delegates didn’t even try to serve as so-called “fake electors” during the 2020 election. Take Georgia delegate Amy Kremer, whose only supposed crime was helping organize the Jan. 6th rally — not to be confused with the Jan. 6th riot.

As for those delegates/representatives who are facing charges, CNN makes zero effort to point out that they haven’t been convicted of anything yet. Indeed, many of them have claimed they did nothing wrong to begin with and intend to fight the charges in court.

That being said, according to Shawn Fleetwood, a writer for The Federalist, the whole “fake electors” charge in general is a “debunked conspiracy theory.”

“[T]he naming of contingent Republican electors [or what the media call fake electors] during the 2020 cycle was neither unprecedented nor unlawful,” he wrote. “In fact, the process conducted in contested states such as Georgia parallels a similar endeavor that took place during the 1960 presidential election between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.”

“Kennedy and Nixon electors cast their votes for their respective candidates when a disagreement arose over who won Hawaii’s electoral votes. While the state’s acting governor certified the election for Nixon initially, a legal challenge ultimately resulted in Kennedy receiving the electoral votes. Had courts ruled in Trump’s favor in lawsuits disputing the election results in battleground states, the alternate electors would have been in place to ensure the will of the people was exercised,” he continued.

This is, of course, the type of history lesson you’ll never receive from the lying, duplicitous, biased mainstream press.

Fleetwood goes on to note that it’s only “rogue leftist prosecutors” that are pursuing charges against these contingent electors and that at least one set of charges has already been dismissed by a judge.

“A Nevada state court judge dismissed a criminal indictment Friday against six Republicans accused of submitting certificates to Congress falsely declaring former President Donald Trump the winner of the state’s 2020 presidential election,” CBS News reported late last month.

In concluding his report, Fleetwood draws attention to the fact that the Democrats pulled the exact same stunt — sending in their own electors — after the 2016 presidential election.

The only difference is that whereas Republican prosecutors rightfully left those electors alone, Democrat prosecutors have chosen to persecute the GOP’s 2020 electors in yet another attack on democracy.

Vivek Saxena


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