CNN’s Tapper drools over excerpts from Liz Cheney’s new book

CNN’s deep dive into former Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-Wyo.) upcoming book provided plenty of drama-filled reactions from Jake Tapper.

The CNN anchor and host of “The Lead” was riveted by Jamie Gangel’s report as she unpacked quotes from Cheney’s memoir, “Oath and Honor,” scheduled to be published on Dec. 5th. Excerpts from Cheney’s book, which CNN declared was “obtained exclusively” by the network, were read and analyzed as if preparing a dissertation on the RINO who was vice chair of the Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot.

“Cheney writes that McCarthy told her that he had just spoken to Trump and that McCarthy says, quote, ‘He knows it’s over. He just needs to go through all the stages of grief,’” Gangel told Tapper in discussing the book’s look at former President Donald Trump and the days surrounding January 6, 2021.

“Cheney then writes, it’s her wry sense of humor, that the stages of grief also apparently included tweeting in all cap letters. But, Jake, there’s also another sort of stunning anecdote about Kevin McCarthy. We all remember the photograph when just three weeks after January 6th, There it is. Kevin McCarthy goes running down to Mar-a-Lago. He’s afraid he can’t raise money,” Gangel continued with the behind-the-scenes look.

But Tapper interjected to set the scene for the next installment of the drama Gangel was dishing out,

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but this is this is a lifeline,” he declared.

“Everyone thought that the Republican Party was going to rid itself of Donald Trump. Everybody had spoken negatively about him. But then McCarthy does this and it basically, you know, he’s like Phoenix from the ashes. Donald Trump is renewed,” Tapper said.

“Correct,” Gangel concurred.

“And nobody knows this trip is happening. And Cheney writes, actually, when she saw that photo, she thought it was a fake,” she added as she continued to over-dramatically read another excerpt that Cheney shared about an interaction with Rep. Kevin McCarthy who went to see Trump at his Florida home a few weeks after the Jan. 6 events.

According to Gangel’s CNN report:

At first, Cheney thought the photo of the two men smiling and shaking hands was fake. But she was incredulous at McCarthy’s defense of his visit. He claimed Trump’s staff summoned him.

“Mar-a-Lago? What the hell, Kevin?” Cheney asked.

“They’re really worried,” McCarthy said. “Trump’s not eating, so they asked me to come see him.”

“What? You went to Mar-a-Lago because Trump’s not eating?” Cheney responded.

“Yeah, he’s really depressed,” McCarthy said.


“She also reveals that, look, she was not the only one she talks about,” Gangel continued. “Other Republicans were, quote, angry and disgusted that McCarthy had gone running back to Trump. And there’s a text that’s going around and she writes that her Republican colleagues, quote, some mocked him, circulating that Trump McCarthy photo along with – get ready – the clip from the movie Jerry Maguire, where Tom Cruise tells Renee Zellweger, ‘You complete me.'”

Gangel and Tapper also took shots at House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) as well as former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)

“One story here about a Republican colleague that I think goes to the naming names. There’s an extraordinary scene on January 6th that she recounts where Republican members are sort of being asked to sign these sheets for electoral vote objections,” Gangel continued.

“And she writes about Congressman Mark Green of Tennessee. Yeah. And he’s signing and she hears him and, quote, as he moved down the line signing his name to the pieces of paper. Greene said sheepishly to no one in particular, the things we do for ‘The Orange Jesus,’” she added, reading the reference obviously to Trump.

“They call him ‘The Orange Jesus’?” Tapper asked. “Yes, it’s not exactly a compliment.”

Frieda Powers


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