Cohen’s encore: Former ‘fixer’ claims Trump will give away sensitive secrets in prison

If scum came in human form it’s likely that it would share many similarities to Michael Cohen, and the star witness in the third-world Trump sham trial is again spewing his lies in the media.

The disgraced ex-lawyer is feeling the love after a tainted jury excused his dishonesty and admitted thievery and he went on MSNBC and claimed that the former president would spill state secrets if he’s locked up next month.

On Saturday’s edition of “The Weekend,” the convicted felon that the left-wing media loves to love claimed that he’s “afraid” that if Judge Juan Merchan sends Trump to jail – likely Rikers Island – he will endanger the safety of Americans by leaking classified information, a talking point that will get much play in the coming weeks.

(Video: MSNBC)

“I’m more concerned for you and for all of us, and our families, and for the American people,” Cohen said, responding to a question about Trump’s safety behind bars. “This clown had four years of being debriefed on national security issues. On top of that, if he becomes the Republican nominee, he gets debriefed again! Think about this. America, think about this.

“You now have a Republican leading candidate who’s a felon, who’s going to be debriefed on national security issues knowing how loose-lipped he is. How he’s willing to give away America’s secrets to Vladimir Putin, or to anybody for money or just simply for bragging rights,’ added Cohen, now a full-fledged purveyor of the zombie Russia-gate hoax.

“He did it with the Australian billionaire at Mar-a-Lago. He sat there in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin talking about national security issues but nobody was around except for Vladimir Putin’s translator,” he said, channeling the network’s conspiracy queen Rachel Maddow.

“These are not normal things. You do not allow somebody like Donald Trump to be declassified, especially now as a felon. So, my concern is, in a prison situation, he is willing to give away these secrets, as I always say, for a bag of tuna or a book of stamps. He will do it because does not care,” Cohen added, speaking as a man who has experience behind bars.

“We know for a fact that he gave away information on how many nuclear warheads are on a specific nuclear ship. One of our military vessels! I mean, think about how dangerous the information in that guy’s head is. And he doesn’t think, and we saw that from yesterday’s press conference,” he said later on, dredging up another of the big lies about Trump that previously got media play but fell flat.

It would seem that that the left is looking to justify putting Trump in solitary confinement if and when Merchan takes him off the playing field, completely silencing the top opposition candidate, something that one would expect to see in Russia or some other third-world hellhole.

There is no higher honor for the left than being a scumbag willing to dump on Trump, and there are few bigger than Michael Cohen.

Chris Donaldson


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