Colin Jost serves up gentle roast of Biden at WHCA dinner before kowtowing: ‘You’re a decent man’

“Saturday Night Live” star Colin Jost briefly and gently roasted President Joe Biden at this year’s White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) dinner before bending the knee and basically declaring his love for the president.

The riffing began right after WHCA president Kelly O’Donnell introduced Jost by displaying photos of him from high school.

“It’s not really fair — you can’t do it for President Biden because the technology wasn’t invented when he was in high school,” the comedian quipped after he took the stage and grabbed the mic.

“I was excited to be up here on stage with President Biden tonight, mostly to see if I could figure out where Obama was pulling the strings from,” he continued. “I have to admit, it’s not easy following President Biden. I mean, it’s not always easy following what he’s saying.”

Watch Jost’s whole bit below, if you want:

It’s at this point that Jost took his first shot at former President Donald Trump.

“Before I begin tonight, can we just acknowledge how refreshing it is to see a president of the United States at an event that doesn’t begin with a bailiff saying all rise,” he said.

“And I would like to point out it’s after 10 p.m. Sleepy Joe is still awake, while Donald Trump has spent the past week falling asleep in court every morning, though Fox News said he was just being anti-woke,” he added.

Funny guy …

Jost continued by turning back to Biden.

“My ‘Weekend Update’ co-anchor, Michael Che, was going to join me here tonight, but in solidarity with President Biden, I decided to lose all my black support,” he said.

FYI, Che is black.

The lefty comedian then turned back to Trump and unleashed his full, unadulterated Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“The Republican candidate for president owes half a billion in fines for bank fraud and is currently spending his days farting himself awake during a porn star hush money trial and the race is tied?” he said.

“Nothing makes sense anymore. The candidate who is a famous New York City playboy took abortion rights away, and the guy who is giving you abortion rights back is an 80-year-old Catholic. How does that make sense?” he added.

Trump didn’t care for the jokes:

Continuing his set, Jost threw in a joke about RFK Jr.

“Isn’t it crazy that he’s only our second Catholic president, and what’s even crazier is that in just a few short months, we’ll have our third in RFK Jr,” he said. “I’m kidding. Like his vaccine card says, he doesn’t have a shot.”

And finally, Jost made a joke about the cocaine found at the White House last year.

“Luckily, the president was able to put it to good use for his State of the Union address,” he said. “I’m kidding, of course. The president doesn’t call it cocaine — he calls it high-speed rail. By the way, can you blame the guy for turning to cocaine? He must be exhausted orchestrating four separate trials against his rival, rigging the Super Bowl, and gearing up to steal a second election. Wow.”

After making some jokes, Jost concluded his speech by bending the knee and declaring his love for the so-called “decent” president.

“My grandfather, a Staten Island firefighter, voted for you, Mr. President,” he said. “He voted for you in the last election that he ever voted. … He voted for you, and the reason that he voted for you is because you’re a decent man.”

“My grandpa voted for decency, and decency is why we’re all here tonight. Decency is how we’re able to be here tonight. Decency is how we’re able to make jokes about each other and one of us doesn’t go to prison after. We go to the Newsmax afterparty,” he added.

Critics weren’t impressed with his drooling sycophancy.


Vivek Saxena


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