Cozy! Clinton Foundation funds energy project for Warnock’s church after he went to bat for Hillary

Sen. Raphael Warnock’s church was reportedly the recipient of a large grant from the Clinton Global Initiative for an energy project after he campaigned for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid in 2016.

Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Warnock has served as a pastor for almost 20 years, was awarded a one-year $550,000 grant by the Clinton group in 2016. The Creation Care Education and Energy Stewardship Initiative was ostensibly intended to improve the church’s energy efficiency and lower its emissions while holding it up as an example of “resource stewardship” to the community, according to the announcement.

“The world faces the significant challenge of climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels, and burning of coal is a major contributor to those emissions,” the CGI announcement declared at the time. “Using energy more efficiently, reducing coal use, and increasing renewable energy will help to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change.”

“As people of faith, the principles of stewardship, justice, community of life, and awe inform our call to care for creation,” it stated. “The Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church has a recognized and highly active creation care ministry in which the church works with its many congregants to learn and teach strategies for stewarding resources and caring for God’s creation.”

The church partnered with BlocPower, Green Faith, the Center for Sustainable Communities, and the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance for the program. Under the devised plan, the groups would audit the church’s worship, educational, and community facilities and then recommend energy savings methods and propose solar generation methods by the end of 2016.

According to WABE, after the church accepted the grant, Warnock effusively praised it claiming that climate change impacted all people and it “disproportionately impacts poor, marginalized, black and brown communities.”

Former President Bill Clinton personally commended the project shortly after the grant was announced, according to Fox News.

“Through this partnership, BlocPower will conduct a comprehensive energy audit of the church properties, recommending energy savings and solar generation measures,” Clinton commented in a blog post on June 16, 2016.

“In support of the building upgrades, Ebenezer will also partner with Green Faith to design an educational program emphasizing how congregants can implement energy efficiency at home,” he added. “This will deliver both environmental and economic benefits to Atlanta residents.”

The grant’s timing is suspicious since it was awarded after Warnock campaigned heavily in support of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she unsuccessfully ran for the presidency in 2016.

Fox News reported, “In 2015, the Progressive National Baptist Convention, a group of which Warnock was a senior member, endorsed voter registration policies for which the Clinton campaign had advocated. Months after the organization made the announcement, Warnock told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Clinton had ‘done a great job addressing the issues that concern the African-American community.'”

Just before the Democratic primaries kicked off in early 2016, Warnock became one of 28 high-profile black pastors from across the country to officially endorse Clinton’s presidential bid, according to the Daily Beast.

One month after the Clinton Global Initiative gave funding to Warnock’s church, he gave a number of interviews on CNN and was described as a “Hillary Clinton supporter.”

“Public policy has real consequences. So, I was glad to hear Ms. Clinton say that we need more love and kindness,” Warnock stated in an interview on July 9, 2016. “I think that is the appropriate response from a presidential candidate because justice is what love looks like in public.”



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