‘Crack a history book!’ Jennifer Rubin’s Hitler comparison backfires spectacularly

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin was raked over the coals for missing a historical fact in her rush to attack former President Donald Trump.

Rubin joined her leftist media cohorts in gaslighting Americans on President Joe Biden’s declining health and mental acuity after his disastrous debate performance. But her attempt to dunk on Trump by comparing him to Adolf Hitler bit the columnist back.

“Aw, Hindenberg is too old said some Germans before electing a monster,” Rubin wrote on X.

In no time, she was hit with a community note that gave the 62-year-old opinion writer a needed history lesson.

“Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor of Germany,” the community notes read. “Hindenburg also signed the Enabling Act of 1933, yielding Hitler/the NSDAP dictatorial power. Among other reasons, Hindenburg is considered as responsible for the Nazi regime broadly/Hitler in particular.”

“He was not Hitler’s adversary. They re-elected Hindenburg alongside Hitler when he was too old to run for another term & that led to him caving to extremists because a weak octogenarian lacked the strength to say no to his own side. Literally, this is how they got Hitler,” Dan McLaughlin of National Review wrote.

Social media users not only mocked Rubin for her historical gaffe but many pointed out how she succeeded in making the “exact opposite” point she was aiming for.

“These people are morons. They literally are making the argument AGAINST BIDEN. The lesson was: Don’t elect an old man that has nothing left in the tank to protect democracy,” National Review contributor Pradheep J. Shanker wrote.

“Not only did an aged Hindenburg appoint Hitler as chancellor, he issued the Reichstag Fire Decree that helped give Hitler dictatorial powers. Jen is making the exact opposite point she thinks she is,” one X user wrote.

“Jen Rubin Learns History™ is an amazing show I would watch on X,” The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro posted.

Frieda Powers


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