Critics shred Biden over latest border EO with loopholes big enough to ‘drive a truck through’

Republicans blasted President Joe Biden’s latest executive action on the border crisis for having loopholes you can “drive a truck through.”

Disturbing exceptions have emerged in Biden’s order to limit asylum claims which he announced this week, blaming Republicans in Congress and even former President Donald Trump for problems he has exacerbated and created himself.

“Today, I’m moving past Republican obstruction and using executive authorities available to me as president to do what I can on my own to address the border,” he said in a speech on Tuesday.

Officials explained that when border encounters exceed 2,500 a day over seven days, the order holds that migrants will be temporarily suspended from crossing.

“That will stay in effect until 14 days after there has been a seven-day average of less than 1,500 encounters along the border. It is accompanied by an interim final rule from the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice. That rule will also apply a higher standard migrants must meet for initial asylum screenings,” Fox News reported.

But a boatload of exceptions to the proclamation raised eyebrows and ire.

Fox News’ Bill Melugin, who has been covering the crisis in person at the border, said, “In no way can Biden’s executive order be described as ‘shutting down’ the border.”

Those deemed to be “victims of severe forms of trafficking” as well as unaccompanied children and legal migrants are all exempt. The rule also does not apply to anyone using the CBP One app at a port of entry to make an appointment. Also exempt is anyone allowed to enter “based on the totality of the circumstances,” such as humanitarian or law enforcement concerns.

Noncitizens will be allowed to cross the border “due to operational considerations that warrant permitting the noncitizen to enter.”

Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee called out the proclamation online.

“The exceptions to Biden’s new EO are broad enough to drive a truck through,” they wrote on X.

“Biden told us for months he’s ‘run out of options’ to fix the border crisis,” Rep. Scott Fitzgerald wrote on X.

“Now he’s issued ONE singular exec order to ‘control the flow’ but don’t be fooled, it’s riddled with exceptions,” he added. “The damage is already done. This does NOTHING to fix his crisis 3+ yrs in the making.”

Former senior Trump White House official Stephen Miller blasted the “green light” in the exception for unaccompanied minors.

“So, the message to the cartels and the smugglers is you have the greenest of green lights to smuggle trafficked children into this country, into various forms of servitude, slavery, sex trafficking, labor trafficking, other forms of abuse, imprisonment, and torture,” he said.

When asked by Fox News host Neil Cavuto about the green light for smugglers, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas pushed back.

“They exploit individuals of all different types of vulnerabilities. We are taking it to the cartels. We exempted unaccompanied children from this asylum bar because of the compelling humanitarian picture they present,” he said on “Your World.”

Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins posted that there were about 5,600 CBP encounters in one day this week and that “in the first full day of Biden’s EO,” there has been “no impact on the border.”

Frieda Powers


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