Cuomo comeback? Disgraced former governor bashes ‘far-left policies’ destroying big cities

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has crawled out of his hole to bash leftist Democratic policies on crime, fueling speculation he may be considering a political comeback after his deadly handling of the pandemic and being forced out of office over sexual harassment claims.

Almost two years after scandals pushed him out of office, he’s now positioned himself as some kind of moderate who calls out his own party, according to Fox News. Not a conservative by any means but right of center in the Democratic Party.

Cuomo seems to be angling as a potential candidate for a US Senate primary in New York and, unbelievably, he still seems to have quite a few supporters in the state. It remains to be seen if the deep-blue enclave could stomach putting him back in office but Cuomo has the stones to go for it, evidently. He’s not just disliked by Republicans, there were an awful lot of Democrats that wanted his head on a platter last go-around.

(Video Credit: Andrew Cuomo)

The disgraced governor holds a weekly podcast called “As a Matter of Fact… with Andrew Cuomo.” He launched it last year along with a political action committee (PAC), and the Gun Safe America Project.

In April, Cuomo put out a video from Quake Media asserting that Democrats have failed miserably at addressing crime in New York.

“Democrats, when you ignore crime, you hurt the people you represent,” he contends in the video. It was also originally posted to YouTube with the title, “Ignoring Crime: The opposite of progress.”

He claimed that Democrats don’t want to “talk about crime” and don’t want to “hear the word crime spoken.”

“There is no crime problem. It’s all Republican propaganda,” he sneered in the video. He went on to add that “over 70% black, brown and poor” individuals are the victims of crime and that they are “paying the price” for Democrats’ “far-left politics.”

A few days later Cuomo wrote an op-ed for the New York Daily News detailing why Americans are moving from blue states to red states. According to him, the reasons include climate, affordable housing, public school quality, public safety, and the economy.

He hammered that “current political forces” push to “defund the police” and “tax the rich.” Cuomo pointed at Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, claiming those Democratic strongholds “experience a high rate of widely publicized violent crimes, and together with increased homelessness and general decay, cities appear ‘out of control.'”

Political consultant Hank Sheinkopf is stating that Cuomo has a clear political strategy as he moves ostensibly to the right on certain issues.

“It’s not stupid, it’s smart,” Sheinkopf told Fox News Digital in an interview. “Look, New Yorkers and the rest of the country – everybody, no matter where they live – whether they be Democrat or Republican or even liberals, they just don’t like guns pointed in their faces, and they don’t like the feeling that that could happen at any time, so Andrew Cuomo’s touching on something.”

Sheinkopf went on to claim that “when things appear to be out of control, the Republicans tend to do better” and that “the center is where he wants to be.” He also noted that Cuomo knows Democrats need to control the spiraling, out-of-control crime in the state and is insinuating that “he may be the only person around” who can do something about it.

“The future is the future, but for the moment the governor has made his near-term priorities clear,” Cuomo spokesperson Rich Azzopardi said in a statement to Fox News on Cuomo’s political ambitions. “He gets these questions fairly often, which I think are fueled by the fact that many people are facing a crisis in confidence in government at many levels and now view the circumstances in which he left office as the political railroading that it was.”

Jennifer Holdsworth, who is a Democrat strategist, commented that it may be too soon after Cuomo’s scandals for a comeback try.

“I think he has some sins that he needs to atone for, but there’s been plenty of comeback stories in New York and nationwide. He’s a very talented politician, and he still has many relationships, so while I don’t quite think the voters are ready to welcome him with open arms just yet, I would say we’ll see what the future holds,” she told Fox News Digital in an interview.

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