Dave Chappelle SNL monologue takes on ‘observably stupid’ Herschel Walker, Kanye West controversy

Filling in as this week’s “Saturday Night Live” host, comedian Dave Chappelle used the show’s monologue to both take a couple of shots at Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, address rapper Kanye West’s recent bout of anti-Semitism, and talk a tiny bit about former President Donald Trump and the Democrats.

Regarding Walker, he outright called the 60-year-old Republican candidate stupid.

“Now the midterms are over, and it’s a crazy climate. And I gotta tell you, this midterm feels like all of humanity depends on it. And it’s an ominous sign. The most ominous sign of the midterms I believe is Herschel Walker,” he said.

“I don’t want to speak badly of him because he’s black, but I have to admit, he’s observably stupid. Even when he’s not talking, his mouth is open a little bit. He’s the kind of guy who looks like he thinks before he makes a move on tic-tac-toe,” Chappelle added.

Watch the full monologue below, or fast-forward to the 7:37 mark to hear the jokes about Walker:

That said, Chappelle spent the majority of his monologue addressing West’s anti-Semitism. Indeed, he began the monologue by reading a statement of solidarity with the Jewish people.

“Before I start tonight, I just wanted to read a brief statement that I prepared: I denounce antisemitism in all its forms, and I stand with my friends in the Jewish community. And that, Kanye, is how you buy yourself some time,” he said.

However, he then seemed to turn around and double down on some of West’s controversial beliefs about the Jewish people, like the idea that they run Hollywood.

“I don’t think Kanye is crazy. He’s possibly not well. I’ve been to Hollywood. This is just what I saw. It’s a lot of Jews. Like a lot. But that doesn’t mean anything. There’s a lot of black people in Ferguson, Missouri. It doesn’t mean they run the place,” he said at one point.

“I could see if you had some type of issue, you might go out in Hollywood, and you might start connecting some kind of lines, and you could maybe adopt the delusion that Jews run showbusiness. It’s not a crazy thing to think, but it’s a crazy thing to say out loud, you know, in a climate like this,” he added.

“It’s a big deal. He had broken the show business rules. You know, the rules of perception. If they’re black, then it’s a gang. If they’re Italian, it’s a mob. If they’re Jewish, it’s a coincidence, and you should never speak about it,” Chappelle continued.

These jokes triggered backlash on social media, where some critics accused Chappelle of doing more to normalize anti-Semitism than even West.


During another point in his monologue, Chappelle mentioned basketball player Kyrie Irving’s recent bout of anti-Semitism as well.

“Kanye got in so much trouble that Kyrie [Irving] got in trouble. Kyrie Irving posted a link to a movie that he’d seen on Amazon. No caption on the post or nothing like that. But apparently this movie had some anti-Semitic tropes or something. And the NBA told him he should apologize, and he was slow to apologize. And then the list of demands to get back in their good graces got longer and longer,” he said.

“And this is where I draw the line. I know the Jewish people have been through terrible things all over the world, but you can’t blame that on black Americans. You just can’t. A fair punishment would be to just post a link to Schindler’s List and ya’ll write your own captions, because Kyrie Irving’s black ass was nowhere near the Holocaust. In fact, he’s not even certain it exists,” the comedian added.

After talking about Walker and “the Jews,” as West put it, Chappelle also briefly brought up former President Trump.

“News is declaring the end of the Trump era. In New York I can see how you might see the end of the Trump era. I live in Ohio amongst the poor whites and a lot of you don’t understand why Trump was so popular, but I get it, I hear it every day,” he said.

“He was loved because people in Ohio have never seen anyone like him. He’s an honest liar. He said, ‘I know the system is rigged because I use it’. Then he got out his Illuminati membership card and chopped a line of cocaine with it,” Chappelle added.

Lastly, the comedian slammed Democrats for being “sore losers.”

“The Democrats are sore losers. I’m a Democrat and I’m telling you as soon as he won, they started saying all that he’s colluding with Russia, he’s colluding with Russia. It was very embarrassing as a Democrat,” he said.

But he then turned around and falsely accused Trump of colluding with Russia.

“But as time went on, we all came to learn he was probably colluding with Russia,” Chappelle said. “I even look at his wife different now. His wife is beautiful, no question about it, but she looks like the kind of chick that James Bond would smash, but not trust.”

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