Candace Owens: Trump was ‘rude’ to me, he’s angry, filled with ‘trepidation,’ DeSantis attacks ‘not helpful’

Conservative pundit Candace Owens joined others in conducting a post-mortem autopsy of the disastrous midterm elections, bringing up a disagreement between herself and former President Donald J. Trump to criticize a man who has been scapegoated for the failure of Republicans to recapture the Senate.

On a recent episode of her daily podcast, Owens talked of how Trump was upset with her over a misleading headline by the Daily Beast that she had said that his pro-vaccine stance was attributable to him being too old to understand the internet, putting a chill on the relationship between the two despite her comments being distorted by the far left outlet and spun to make it appear as though she had turned on the ex-POTUS.

“I never once called Trump too old, I never once said that Trump couldn’t understand the internet, and yet somehow he got that information and believed it to be true,” she said.

“Not only was he just mad, by the way,” she continued. “He then during a golf session with some mutual friends of ours had a person next to him who was egging this on, saying to Trump and I know this because again this is a mutual friend, ‘Aren’t you mad at Candace?’ ‘Aren’t you mad at Candace?’ ‘Aren’t you mad at Candace?’ and eventually he was like ‘Yeah, I am so mad at Candace! ‘I am so mad at Candace!’ and this got back to me that he was upset with me, that he was angry at me and the next time I saw him, he was quite rude to me, he was actually rude to me.’

She explained to listeners that the reason why she was telling the personal story was that it made her “for the first time question him as a person” and that his treatment of her was “unacceptable” and that Trump wasn’t “being a leader” and owning up to mistakes by attempting to understand why his base held such a different view on the jabs than himself.

Trump has often boasted about being the father of the vaccine.

She went on to opine that Trump has changed and was becoming “too angry” saying that, “When Trump went into the election in 2016 he was having fun, right, he was naming people, giving them fun names, enjoying the base, having a good time. I would even say in 2020, you could feel the energy, it was electric.”

“I think after the 2020 election and because of the shock of all the things that happened and the answers that we never really feel that we got, this like sinking realization that we might be actually losing our country, I think that it pushed him into an angry space where he doesn’t trust anybody, where he doesn’t listen to anybody, where he’s almost likely to believe that everybody’s trying to turn their back on him and stab him in the back,” she said, adding that she was reluctant to say anything prior to the midterm catastrophe.

After defending Trump who has endured a hellish persecution, Owens then said, “He has every right to be angry but if you stay at a place of anger, right, you are ignoring everything that is going on around you, you’re no longer looking at and assessing things and the way that you should be assessing them because you’re holding on to this almost vengeful spirit.”

“That is the question that I have with Trump,” she said. “Is he going to get over the trauma of the election of 2020 and begin to paint a vision of 2024?”

Owens was also critical of Trump’s sniping at DeSantis, a rising star in the Republican party which desperately needs one.

“I think that the MAGA movement is reflecting Trump,” she added. “I think there is a trepidation I’m sensing in Trump and I think that trepidation is evidenced by him taking a random swing at DeSantis last week. I don’t think it was helpful, even though DeSantis won Florida handily, he’s not running against DeSantis right now.”

“Why take a random swing?” Owens asked.

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