Dave Scott: Ukraine president displaying leadership Americans envy

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s leadership and resolve during the Russian invasion of his country have inspired his countrymen and moved western democracies to compare him to Great Britain’s iconic World War II leader Winston Churchill.

War-ravaged Ukraine is blessed that its leader is an articulate, self-assured head-of-state, whose courage, rhetoric, and resolve inspire and motivate his citizens. He has gained the admiration and respect of the free world.

By comparison the U.S. is saddled with a 78-year-old delusional, stumbling Joe Biden, whose incoherent ramblings and bewildering policies have Americans and the rest of the world questioning his mental acuity.

Gazing over the wreckage left in Biden’s wake the past year; Russian President Vladimir Putin accurately assumed that the American President is a cognitive mess and no threat. Putin attacked Ukraine because he knew a timid, indecisive, and weak Biden would do nothing.

Biden’s humiliating retreat from Afghanistan filled Putin with confidence as his Russian army rolled across the Ukrainian border.

What Putin didn’t count on was Zelenskyy’s resolve and ability to inspire Ukrainians to fight back.

A defiant Zelenskyy pleads with America and the European Union for more weapons. Could Ukrainian soldiers use the billons of dollars of military equipment Biden left for the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Meanwhile, Biden is stumbling through speeches that appear to have been written by Scandinavian teenage nitwit and environmental activist Gretta Thunberg.

Domestically America is facing a myriad of crises of Biden’s making including mishandling of the pandemic, out-of-control crime, raging inflation, an opioid calamity and massive illegal immigration. During these precarious times he’s doubling down making things worse as he and . the Democrats continue to push for more spending.

As prices at American gas pumps and grocery stores rise to record highs, Biden and the green-energy extremists that populate his administration are telling the public to buy expensive electric cars that require scarce charging stations. Their pricey batteries depend on cobalt, a mineral that is mostly found in Communist China. So, to combat questionable climate change theories they claim will save future lives, Biden wants us to underwrite the deaths of thousands today.

And while Putin is menacingly reminding the world that he controls a massive nuclear arsenal, Biden is directing America’s armed forces to prepare for battle against climate change, which he says is the world’s greatest threat. He has directed the U.S. military to organize for war by certifying warships, tanks, etc. don’t harm the climate, soldiers are vaccinated, design combat uniforms for pregnant women, and ensure it is equipped to manage transgendered soldiers.

Biden and the incompetents in his administration don’t have a clue. They don’t realize that the only way to deal with a tyrant like Putin is to out-bully him. But they’ve already revealed that they are terrified of him by exhibiting fear and weakness thus inciting him to go even further. It’s not a weak-kneed Biden that Putin fears, it’s a strong defiant Zelensky. That’s why he has special forces teams prowling Ukraine’s capital trying to find and kill him.

In the meantime, a bewildered Biden is blocking every opportunity for America to benefit from the energy independence and military superiority it enjoyed before he was elected.

Biden’s administration, crammed with former Obama disciples, is cemented in climate ideology, and loves high oil prices they believe will force a shift to alternatives. They are wrong. They are idiots.

Former Republican and Democrat Defense Secretary Robert Gates was correct – Biden is a foreign policy disaster of historic proportions. His rush to climate change rules and insane military policies are driving the economy into recession, and the world into war.

Putin isn’t stupid. He saw that the idealogues in the Biden administration are obsessed with the climate change nonsense putting him in a very powerful position. Otherwise, the US would be producing massive amounts of liquid natural gas (LNG) and oil for Europe and generating tens of billions of dollars for U.S. producers and the government. Instead, there’s a dangerous war raging in Europe and Americans are paying through the nose for gas and other basic commodities with much, much more severe economic pain to come.

What’s even more ludicrous is Biden asking Venezuela, Iran, and Saudi Arabia to provide us with oil. He goes there for energy instead of the oil-rich Permian basin in Texas and New Mexico. With this guy, stupidity knows no limits. He and his lying Press Secretary Jen Psaki tell us that there are thousands of current federal leases oil companies aren’t using. That’s correct because there is no oil beneath those lands. Oil companies don’t profit from drilling dry holes. Biden’s moronic climate change agenda, economic malfeasance and his lies have priority over the lives of women and children in Ukraine and the economic well-being of American citizens.

The inept State Department headed by the timid and shallow Anthony Blinken, is also sitting around the Iran nuclear deal table with Putin’s Russia and Xi Jinping’s China. John “Lurch” Kerry, whose daughter is married to one of the murderous Iranians, is also dangerously lurking about the room.

The questionable merits of restoring that insane deal combined with Russia’s continued involvement is an embarrassing outrage that should be terminated immediately.

While Ukraine’s President  Zelenskyy has transformed himself from a television comedian to a skilled and admired war-time political leader on the world stage, President Biden has gone from a mediocre life-time politician to a dangerous tragicomic figure posing a dangerous threat to America and the rest of the world.

Biden’s presidential performance can be compared to late satirist/cartoonist Al Capp’s hapless General Jubilation T. Cornpone, whose legacy chiseled on his statue standing in the fictional town square of Dogpatch USA, lists his major accomplishments as: “Cornpone’s Disaster; Cornpone’s Retreat; and Cornpone’s Humiliation.”


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