DCCC Frontline rep throws Biden under bus: ‘I do not believe the president can win’

The slow trickle of Democrat House support from President Joe Biden could soon become a flood as vulnerable lawmakers begin to act out of self-preservation.

In the latest defection, DCCC frontline Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) has come out against the 81-year-old leader’s suddenly flatlining reelection bid, calling for Biden to abandon his candidacy before he loses the election to former President Donald J. Trump, the nightmare scenario for leftists.

“As an elected leader, I feel a responsibility to be honest about what I believe, even when it’s hard to hear,” Craig said in a Saturday post to X, sharing a statement calling for Biden to quit. “President Biden is a good man & I appreciate his lifetime of service. But I believe he should step aside for the next generation of leadership. The stakes are too high.”

The Minnesota congresswoman’s thumbs down on Biden came shortly after his massively hyped interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, a longtime party loyalist who was brought in to clean up Biden’s CNN debate mess.

Even though the former Clinton official served up softball after softball to the embattled octogenarian, Biden came across as stubborn, egotistical, and outright delusional. At one point in the 22-minute- interview, Biden said that only “the Lord Almighty” could force him out of the race.

Maybe so, but that didn’t stop Craig from doing her own part to shove the feeble candidate out the door.

In her headline-making statement, Craig first gushed over Biden’s record, pumping him up before chucking him under the wheels of the Democrat clown bus.

“However, given what I saw and heard from the President during last week’s debate in Atlanta, coupled with the lack of a forceful response from the President himself following that debate, I do not believe that the President can effectively campaign and win against Donald Trump,” she said.

“This is not a decision I’ve come to lightly, but there is simply too much at stake to risk a second Donald Trump presidency. That’s why I respectfully call on President Biden to step aside as the Democratic nominee for a second term as President and allow for a new generation of leaders to step forward,” Craig added, not naming who should replace him but the buzz is building for VP Kamala Harris to be moved to the front of the line in the ultimate DEI promotion.

The president’s disastrous debate showing made it clear that there is no way to reverse the downward trajectory of his poll numbers which were already in a death spiral, and one Senate Democrat warned that the Biden Titanic has the potential to suck down more of the party’s lawmakers along with it.

“So if we do really poorly at the presidential level, that creates a fierce undertow,” Sen. Peter Welch (D-VT) told CNN in an interview before the ABC interview.

While the members of the Democrat-controlled upper chamber have yet to defect, the signs are growing that they could do so very soon.

“I think the President needs to do more,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said during a Sunday morning CNN appearance. “I’m not advising this campaign, but if I were, I would probably suggest that the President get out there and do a town hall, then you do a press conference.”

The Connecticut gun-grabber also talked of the old Biden’s ability to B.S. voters, calling him  “one of the best retail politicians this country has ever seen,” but that version of the lifelong Washington, D.C. swamp dweller no longer exists.

Chris Donaldson


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