‘Delusional’ Dem Jasmine Crockett goes on MSNBC, claims GOP ‘is run by Russians’

The Democrat congressional caucus is chock full of mental midgets but Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) has staked her claim to the dubious honor of being by far the stupidest member of the House of Representatives.

Having already established that braying about the Russians is politics for dummies, party members from Nancy Pelosi on down continue to peddle their insane drivel to their chump voters with much help from their winged monkeys in the media, especially at MSNBC.

The Dallas drama queen unveiled the latest iteration of the Russiagate hoax on conspiracy central where she claimed that the entire Republican party is being run by Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin when discussing the opposition of some GOP House members to the FISA domestic surveillance renewal.

“As we know, the Republican party is run by Russians at this point in time,” the congressman told the left-wing network’s Katie Phang on Friday. “So say some Russian decides to communicate with a member here in D.C. what FISA does is surveil what the Russian is doing.”

In terms of a nadir for modern black Democrats, Crockett’s baseless accusation disregards the political surveillance of the type used by the FBI against slain civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which in saner times, they were against but now revere that they can use the weaponized anti-terror spying apparatus against their enemies – especially the white ones.

MSNBC’s viewers may have gobbled up such dishonest swill but it turned the stomach of those who continue to exist in a world based on reality instead of Pelosi’s paranoid fantasies.

“Ghetto Barbie” also recently beclowned herself with her recent contribution to the reparations debate, suggesting that blacks shouldn’t have to pay taxes because a life of freeloading is somehow owed to them based on overblown claims of past repression that nobody alive today has suffered from.

“Just this past week I saw, I don’t remember which celebrity, but it was actually a celebrity, and I was like, I don’t know that that’s not necessarily a bad idea, but I’d have to think it through a lot,” Crockett said during an appearance on the “The Black Lawyers Podcast” where she endorsed the idea of some crackpot celeb. “One of the things that they propose is black folk not have to pay taxes for a certain amount of time.”

“But at the same time, it may not be as objectionable to some people about actually giving out dollars,” she told host Jehan Carter. “But obviously, then you start dealing with the different tax brackets and things like that, and that’s one of the reasons that, you know, we argue that reparations make sense because so many black folks — not only do you owe for the labor that was stolen, killed and all the other things, right? — but the fact is, we end up being so far behind.”

Pure genius but par for the course with today’s wretched crop of performative, diaper-dumping Democrats.

Chris Donaldson


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