Dem congresswoman doubles down on ‘drag queen story hour’ for kids, calls opposition ‘bigots’

The only thing more cringe-worthy than Drag Queen Story Hour is a member of Congress actively promoting Drag Queen Story Hour — especially when she doubles down on it. But that’s exactly what Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) has done, and Twitter is having none of it.

“Across the country, books are being banned, which are depriving our nation’s youth,” Maloney tweeted on Monday. “But thanks to @NYPL [New York Public Library] and programs like Drag Queen story hour, NYC’s next generation are getting a well rounded education about LGBTQ+ issues and gender identity.”

The tweet went over much like many progressive lead balloons fare, with users on Twitter flocking to call the lawmaker out for her support of the controversial program.

“Yes,” responded one user. “Please tell me how that helps kids learn science, math, finance, critical thinking skills, as well as be competitive against kids from other industrial nations?”

“Current data tells us it just puts them and America at a disadvantage,” the user noted.

“Someone get a restraining order for these people,” another user urged. “Stay away from kids, #Groomers!”

Allegations of “grooming” young children came in the form of furious quote tweets and comprised many of the responses from people tired of seeing what they feel is highly inappropriate, sexualized materials being aggressively fed to kids in schools and libraries.

“You have to be kidding or out of your flipped-out mind!” exclaimed another user.

“It’s not rocket science guys,” tweeted still another. “They are just evil and want to groom children.”

“Children of single digit age don’t need exposure to males in women’s clothing nor should they be talked to about any straight or any any LGBQT stuff,” stated another.”

“Groomers!” he added.

But rather than read the room, Maloney pulled a familiar move from the liberal playbook, doubled down on the drag queens, and called everyone who criticized her support of the program “bigots.”

“Looks like the bigots are at it again in the comments,” Maloney tweeted Wednesday. “Your hate didn’t stop me when I introduced the first domestic partnership legislation in NYS history when I was on the @NYCCouncil, and it won’t stop me now.”

“You should probably fire your social media intern,” suggested Julie Gunlock. “And then log off for a decade or two…”

“It is evident that an agenda is being forced and unwelcome in education of young children by public officials who have issues themselves and cannot fathom why everyone doesn’t welcome the same viewpoint,” another user replied.

“Wow! American kids will rank first in kink,” tweeted another. “What an accomplishment!”

One user hoped Maloney will post some more tweets in support of Drag Queen Story Hour.

“Keep it up you radical old bat,” the user urged. “The more you despicable Democrat grooming enablers push this disgusting idiocy on young children, the more that you are ensuring that the rest of sane people vote your vile party out of office en masse come this November. You people are repugnant.”

Melissa Fine


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