Dem elitist mayor living like royalty mocked for hilariously corrupt antics: ‘Real life Parks & Rec’

Tiffany Henyard, a progressive Democrat mayor from Illinois, has been living it up on the taxpayers’ dime and is being called out for corruption as well as her hilarious antics worthy of “Parks & Rec.”

Dolton, Illinois is a small town on the outskirts of Chicago. Residents there make an average of $24,000 a year, according to Fox News. Their taxes have been reportedly supporting the extravagant lifestyle of Henyard who was elected in April 2021. Voters tried to recall her a year ago but a court invalidated the results.

After the recall failed, Henyard showed up at the next board meeting blaring disco music and then dancing on the podium.

“One of the reasons the recall effort was initiated was because Henyard hired a convicted sex offender as a code enforcement officer — “a job in which he goes into Dolton homes and businesses to inspect them and make sure they are up to code,” according to Fox 32.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

She is also the supervisor of Thorton Township and makes more money than the Illinois governor, bringing in almost $300,000 a year. Her postings on social media indicate that she believes God chose her for her position and she frequently refers to herself as a “Super Mayor.”

“In one of the greatest examples derided by critics, Henyard put an ordinance in place that if she lost her election to be mayor in the upcoming elections, the future mayor’s salary would be reduced from over $200K to $25,000. But if Henyard wins, the salary would remain the same, Fox 32 found,” Fox News reported.

That move was seen by critics as a way to threaten anyone who wants to take her place as mayor.

“Jack Mac from Barstool Sports said he believed Henyard was ‘the funniest most corrupt politician in the United States in America’ for antics he believed were an overuse of power. He also said that he believed Henyard was a real-life comedy skit, and there was a ‘real life ‘Parks & Rec’ situation going on’ in the town,” Fox News wrote.

Henyard brings new meaning to hubris, arrogance, and conceit and many of her constituents appear to hold her in contempt.

(Video Credit: CBS Chicago)

Trustees have ripped the mayor for how she spends the town’s money. They have demanded receipts for charges on the town’s card with many suspecting that Henyard is running up expenses without any approval.

“Not only are the residents in the dark, but the trustees are in the dark,” Trustee Tammy Brown stated.

In response to that, Henyard posted a picture of the trustees and branded them “haters,” according to Fox News.

“One of the biggest criticisms came from expenses charged to the town regarding a trip to Las Vegas that was supposedly for a conference. The airfare for the trip alone cost thousands of dollars, including over $3,000 for one roundtrip ticket,” Fox News noted.

In one video from WGN, the mayor was asked about credit card expenses and her response gob-smacked her critics.

When a local reporter asked her about going to Las Vegas, she hummed “mmmm” in response.

“What is that? Did you fly first class to Las Vegas?” investigative reporter Ben Bradley at WGN9 asked her regarding the $3,000+ flight.

“Any other questions?” Henyard asked him without answering.

“So you’re not going to answer how taxpayer dollars are being spent, that seems odd,” he shot back.

“I just answered your questions,” Henyard remarked.

“You said that you wouldn’t answer a question about Las Vegas,” the reporter clapped back.

“You asked me a question and I responded,” Henyard double-downed.

The reporter also asked about pricey dinners in Vegas and did not get an answer on that either. The mayor is now being sued by her trustees for forgery and withholding financial records.

When she’s not stonewalling reporters, her trustees, or her constituents, Henyard is evidently making music videos.

(Video Credit: The Southland Journal)

The mayor has a professional stylist assist with her wardrobe as well. She also employs a makeup artist and a hairdresser for public appearances. Those expenses pale in comparison to the hundreds of thousands she reportedly pays for security.

Henyard is also accused of having taxpayers foot the bill for thousands of dollars for her self-promotion on billboards and advertising.


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