Dem governor dubbed ‘the next Obama’ is ‘ready’ to step in to replace Biden

A Democrat previously described by leftists as the “next Obama” will DEFINITELY not be the next Biden, that’s for sure.

Questioned Wednesday on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” about the prospect of him taking over for President Joe Biden as this year’s presidential candidate, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore repeatedly said no.

“I am full-throated in my support of President Biden,” he maintained.

Why? Because of the success he’s achieved in “partnership with the Biden administration.”

“When I was first inaugurated, we were 43rd in unemployment,” he continued. “Now we have amongst the lowest unemployment rates in the entire country. We’ve been able to slash the homicide rates and the violent crime rates.”

Thanks Biden?

Listen to his remarks below:

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade remained unconvinced.

“What about if your name was offered as a possible replacement should something happen at the convention?” he asked. “How would you feel about that? Do you think you’re ready?”

But once again Moore turned sycophantic toward Dear Leader.

“I think that President Biden is not just the nominee — President Biden is the best candidate for the presidency, and that’s the reason I’m supporting him,” he replied.

Responding to his remarks, members of the public bashed him for his blind loyalty to Dear Leader.


Moore is among a small handful of Democrats who have been floated as possible successors to Biden.

The idea of him as the “next Obama” first emerged in February courtesy of Christopher Brooks, a history professor writing for The Hill.

“The current governor of Maryland possesses quite an impressive pedigree,” he wrote. “After emerging from a troubled youth, Wes Moore became a Rhodes Scholar and served in Afghanistan in the famed 82nd Airborne as an Army Reserve intelligence officer. He then earned a spot as a White House fellow in the secretary of State’s office after having already interned for Homeland Security before his deployment.”

“The son of Cuban-Jamaican immigrants, Moore went on to work in the banking sector and then ran the Robin Hood Foundation, an advocacy organization with the “common commitment to helping low-income New Yorkers escape poverty’s grasp. Moore is currently the nation’s third African-American to be elected governor of any state. He is Maryland’s first,” he added.

Here’s the kicker: “Given this record, why are Democrats still sticking with Biden-Harris instead of someone who possesses at least as much charisma as a 2004-era Obama?”

Moore certainly has the makings of an Obama. He recently cited “social equity” as the reason behind his decision to pardon 175,000+ drug-related convictions.

The idea of Moore as Obama emerged again this month in The Daily Beast, where writer Pilar Melendez asked, “Is West Moore the next Obama?”

Melendez pointed to the words of Kaye Wise Whitehead, a professor of communication and African American studies at Loyola University Maryland who said Moore has three Obama-like qualities: charisma, likability, and reliability.

“It’s something we have not seen since Barack Obama,” according to Whitehead. “Whether you liked Clinton or not, his likability rating was high—people wanted to have a beer with him.”

Moore’s backers add that his past experience as the CEO of the nonprofit Robin Hood also helps because it gave him access to donors and policy advocates.

“The benefit to him is that he became conversant with policy issues and knows how government, nonprofit, and private sectors should respond to local needs,” Dr. Basil Smikle, a political strategist and director of the Public Policy Program at the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute of Hunter College, said.

Vivek Saxena


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