‘Looked terrified’: Dem mayoral candidate has items thrown at her head in ‘disturbing’ TV interview

A Baltimore television station’s live interview of mayoral candidate Sheila Dixon was abruptly cut off when a man began throwing items at her and shouting at her with video of the incident going viral on social media.

Dixon, a Democrat who served as the city’s mayor from 2007-2011 and is seeking the party’s nomination in next year’s election, appeared in the remote Zoom interview from her home with Baltimore Fox News affiliate WBFF Fox45 when the conversation went off the rails.

During the brief segment, Dixon whose voice was noticeably hoarse, was discussing the concerns about the violent crime in the city which has long been under the control of Democrats when what appeared to have been items of clothing were tossed at her and a man is heard heckling her from off camera in what had the appearance of a domestic quarrel.

The candidate was commenting on a public safety town hall in South Baltimore scheduled for later in the day where she was to appear with Councilman Eric Costello in the interview that was posted to TikTok and other social media platforms.

When asked about residents’ “biggest concerns” about the city’s crime, Dixon responded, “So there are three things. One people don’t feel safe, people are afraid. Carjackings, theft, stealing cars… and people want to see the presence of officers in their community engaged with them, walking the beat, talking to them, getting to know the residents and that’s not happening.”

An item of what appeared to be clothing then whizzed by and, undaunted, the candidate continued talking.

“Yesterday I saw police officers that were in an area, but they were in their cars, not doing what they need to do,” she said, as more items were thrown at her and the male voice was heard talking at her before the interviewer cut the interview short by saying that she was going allow Dixon to conserve her voice for later.

The bizarre footage had many on X, expressing their concerns for Dixon’s safety.

Dixon had “lost her voice due to a cold” according to the Baltimore Banner.

Chris Donaldson


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